The February Planner Fun Continues…

The February Planner Fun Continues…

Hey everyone, in my last post a few days ago, I showed you how to make a super easy and pretty DIY fabric flower clip for your planner.

So in this post I thought I’d show you some of the other accessories I made for my February  planner spread, and also take you for a tour inside my planner.  Oh, and you might want to get comfy, as this is going to be an extended trip!

February Filofax Cocoa Daisy Planner Spread w Banner

First off, I should probably give you a little background about my planner setup and inserts…

I use an A5 ring bound planner system at home and currently have four planners in different brands and colors that I switch out month to month.

Shown from top to bottom below I have these planners:  Gold Kikki K, Fuchsia Filofax , Nude Filofax, and Teal & White Color Crush by Webster’s Pages.

a5 Planner collection

Since I use my A5 planner primarily at home, it’s  a hodge-podge of different things I mainly need and reference while at home.  At my day job at the office, I’m pretty much all digital and use Microsoft Outlook for my calendar, tasks and planning and it’s all pretty uncreative stuff.  So in my home planner, I like to get wild and crazy on the creative side!

I also have a personal size Kikki K ring planner that I keep in my purse.  I use it as a wallet overflow and for my monthly calendar and other things I like to reference when I’m out and about.  (I’ll do a whole separate post on my Kikki purse planner later….lots to show on that one!)

Kikki K Personal Size



My A5 planner has a combination of inserts and dividers that I make myself, along with ones that I purchase via a monthly subscription from Cocoa Daisy.

The monthly Cocoa Daisy packet changes each month and comes with all of these different inserts:

Monthly Divider
Month on One Page
Year on One Page
Month on Two Pages
Week on One Page
Week on Two Pages
Daily To-Dos on Two Pages

One of the things I REALLY love about the Cocoa Daisy inserts is that they really don’t require any decorating at all because they’re already so beautifully decorated:
Cocoa Daisy February Planner InsertsDaily Cocoa Daisy Pages

When the monthly package is released, Cocoa Daisy  also offers free printable pages that coordinate with their monthly inserts,  as well as coordinating pages that you can purchase very inexpensively for around $2.  Here  are the free printables they made available for February (featuring their darling mascot bunny, Simon),  as well as labels to convert the pages from Sunday starts to Monday.

CD Feb 2016 Free PrintablesIsn’t Simon the CUTEST. THING. EVER?!

They also have a monthly planner accessory/upgrade package that you can purchase individually or as a subscription but I don’t subscribe to that upgrade package (at least not yet anyway ), because being the craft and planner hoarder that I am, I have a pretty good supply of planner stuff already, plus I like to make my own accessories.  It’s one of the main reasons that I got into creative planning and journaling…to express my creativity while doing something that’s necessary like planning!

Cocoa Daisy sends the monthly subscription out around the first week of each month for the upcoming month and I have to tell you that I’m always anxiously awaiting that package in the mail because the Cocoa Daisy pages are just so darn FUN!  And if you want to see what I look like before that package arrives, check out this HILARIOUS video by Amanda Lllama waiting for happy mail.  Yup ladies, that’s a spot-on impersonation of me waiting for my Cocoa Daisy inserts to arrive!!!

After I get my inserts, I select one of my planners that will go well with them and then I move my ongoing, existing inserts and the new Cocoa Daisy monthly inserts into the planner I selected.   My Filofax Fuchsia was a perfect match for the February pages, don’t you think?:
Cocoa Daisy inside Filofax Fuchsia

I love the fact that the Cocoa Daisy pages and themes change each month, and I always look forward to seeing what the theme will be.  It’s a fun creative exercise for me because once I receive the pages I get to work (or I should say play!) making new dividers and accessories to go with the pages.
Inserts for February Cocoa Daisy

Not sure if you can tell very well in the pic above, but I don’t label the tabs of the  dividers that I make.  I do this for two reasons:  1) I’m sorta lazy that way, and 2) I want to be able to use the dividers for different things in different months so I like to keep them generic and flexible.  I do this same thing with the dividers that go in  my personal Kikki K that I keep in my purse.

Now I’ll walk you through how I use each insert…

Week on One Page:  I use the week on 1 page for my daily habits checklists.  I created little icons of things I strive to do each day and then print them out on 1 x 4″ Avery labels….the labels fit perfectly on the Cocoa Daisy weekly page.  I check these daily to-do’s off as they’re completed, and then at the end of the week, I can see how I’ve done on all my daily habits.    As you can see this past week, I didn’t do so great!   But hey, I’m working on it.

Daily Habits Planner Page

I decided to use fun kawaii type images  and heart check boxes to make these daily habits not seem like such a chore to do every day and this makes me a little more motivated to do them.  You wouldn’t think I’d need checklists on things I do every single day…but believe me, I’m not very good about doing some of these things consistently.    Having this page holds me more accountable, and like I said, makes them more fun!

Month on Two Pages:   Now a lot of people probably use this page as a calendar and planning page, but starting this month, I’ve decided to use it as a memory planning/ monthly recap kind of thing.  My plan is to decorate this page at the END of the month with highlights and events from the month.  I’m thinking this will be good to reference back to for doing Project Life albums (which I’m WAY behind on…so who knows how long it’ll be before I get to those)!

Anyway, this is sort of an experiment for me right now because I’m also doing daily journaling, so I’m hoping the monthly recap doesn’t get too redundant.  

Below is a pic of February’s monthly page…still in process and a little messy, but hopefully this gives you an idea of what I’m shooting for.  

Monthly Cocoa Daisy Month on Two Pages

I did this same type of thing in my Happy Planner but have decided to switch over to doing this on the Cocoa Daisy insert.  Here’s what October looked like in my Happy Planner so this is the type of thing I’ll be doing in my Cocoa Daisy from here on out.  I’m trying to draw and letter as much as possible to develop those skills, versus using all stickers.  Still have a lot to work on in that area, but it’s a start!

Side note:  For all you Happy Planner lovers out there, don’t fret…I’m not abandoning it.  I’m going to start using it as my fitness and health planner and I’ll post on that when that’s more underway!

So back to Cocoa…

Week on Two Pages:  I’m using the week on two pages  for my journaling and memory keeping.    The pages are undated so they can be used year to year if needed.  Currently, they start on Sunday but I believe in April they will switch back to a Monday start (which I personally prefer).

So let me talk about this his journaling this for a moment.  I’ve personally been attempting to journal for a long, long time — pretty much my whole life — but I’ve never really succeeded at it.  I think because when I first started journaling, I just did writing only.  It never dawned on me to add ART to journaling, and so once I discovered that, it was a whole new ball game and I became more consistent about journaling.

However,  even with adding art to my journaling, I found it was a little daunting and intimating for me at times when faced with a big, scary blank page.  However, with the Cocoa Daisy inserts that I’m using, the space for each day isn’t super big, AND they’re already decorated, so I don’t feel as intimidated to start.

My goal with these journaling pages is to add  a lot of my own lettering and doodling, and having the pages pre-decorated gives me a springboard for my artwork, so I don’t spend hours just trying to decide what colors to use (trust me, that happens a lot)!  And so far, this process is working out pretty well and I’m super excited about it!

CocoaDaisy journal pages 2-14 to 20




Daily To-Do’s on Two Pages:  I use these daily pages primarily for my daily appointments, to do’s and occasional doodling and lettering practice.  These pages also are undated and therefore any unused pages can be used at any time.

I don’t use the daily pages all the time as  generally I just keep a running master list of to-do’s in my personal size Kikki K planner that I keep in my purse.  But I do use the Cocoa Daisy Daily pages on the weekends or evenings if I have more time to tackle my to-do’s and want to plan out a more structured day.

Here’s my daily set-up that I did for Feb 16.  As you can see, there are a lot of different categories and sections, and I don’t always use all the sections…just sort of depends on the day.
My Daily To do February Cocoa Daisy page

I really like the gratitude section as well as the notes and ideas section, which I use a lot to practice my lettering and doodling.  And aren’t the little hydrate glasses the cutest???   Each month, there’s always one glass that changes and relates to the month’s theme.  In December, it was a hot chocolate mug with a candy cane.  I can hardly stand the cuteness!!

The rest of my planner is mostly filled with sections on projects, creative references, passwords, my blog, and social media.  I’ll do a whole separate post on those later!!!

That’s it for the Cocoa Daisy show and tell, now on to accessories….


Now time for the fun part…ACCESSORIES!!!   I mean, every girl must accessorize, right???  And my February spread was chock full of lots of hearts and Valentine-themed accessories.

Last week, I  posted about this DIY fabric flower planner clip that I made:
Fabric Flower Planner Clip and other clips

I also made this fun little polka dot paper bow from a kit that I got on clearance from Michael’s.  It was super easy to make…all I had to do was punch out the perforated paper, fold, insert a paper clip, and glue it together.
Paper Bow Planner Clip
Paper Bow Clip with Cocoa Daisy Inserts


And one of my FAVORITE accessories is this bookmark that I made using one of the purchasable printables from Cocoa Dasiy.   After printing out and laminating the bookmark, I cut out some glitter hearts from a gift bag from Target Dollar spot and hot glued them to the bookmark:
Cocoa Daisy Bookmark Front and Back

For the side pockets, I inserted some Target Dollar Spot sticky flags and a little quote card that I hand lettered. I try to do a lettering card every month when I change out my accessories for my planner.

Cocoa Daisy inside Filofax Fuchsia

So there you have it girlfriends, that’s my Filofax set-up for February!

I have to say that the Cocoa Daisy subscription and inserts make it SOOO easy to change up my planner every month.   As I mentioned above, I tend to spend most of my decorating time making accessories and dividers at the beginning of the month when I receive the new inserts in the mail.  Then I’m pretty much set for the month and don’t have to spend a lot of time to decorating every day or week, other than the journaling pages that I do.

And during those times when life gets absolutely crazy and I have ZERO time to decorate, my planner pages still look pretty since the pages are already pre-decorated!

My life and this blog is all about squeezing in creativity wherever possible, and I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having with creative planning.  In my opinion, it’s the absolute best of both worlds because it combines planning — which I’ve learned is absolutely crucial to me having a less stressful life — with creativity, which is absolutely crucial to my soul!

So I hope you enjoyed the tour of my February  planner set-up. Next post I’ll show you those other inserts and sections of my planner that I make myself.

In the meantime, hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day and your February continues to be filled with love and candy!!!

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