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Owl Pillow Tutorial

Owl Pillow Tutorial

We made this little guy for our Week 3 project:

Owl Pillow Tutorial


Below is a little tutorial on how to make the pillow.  However, I must apologize in advance because I don’t have very detailed pics for the final steps –  we had to speed things along towards the end since I was supposed to be packing to leave for a work trip the next day!

Materials Needed:

  • 1/2 yd. of furry or fuzzy material of your choice (we used a white artificial fur)
  • 1/2 yd. of decorative fabric material of your choice (we used a teal blue cotton damask)
  • White tissue paper, about 12×12″
  • Fusible iron-on medium weight interfacing, a little less than 1/2 yd.
  • Pillow stuffing  (Use whatever you have on hand, we used polyester fiberfill.  Refer to our pic of the finished pillow for a sense of how much you’ll need. Unfortunately I didn’t weigh it out before starting the project so I can’t tell you exactly how much you’ll need….sorry!)
  • White felt –  9″ x 5″  piece that you will cut into 2 circles
  • Patterned cotton – 7″ x 4″ piece that you will cut into 2 circles
  • Black felt or cotton – 5″ x 3″ that you will cut into 2 circles
  • Orange felt – 2 1/2″ x 2″ that you will cut into a triangle
  • Scissors, rotary cutter if you have it (if not, scissors are fine), pins, white thread, sewing machine, pencil and marker for marking fabric


Step 1:  For this step you’ll be cutting the material to make the front and back of the pillow:



Step 2:  Now you’ll need to cut your tissue paper to make your pattern for the body shape:



Step 3:  Next you’ll need to fold the tissue paper in half and draw out  the owl-shaped body.  Keep in mind since it’s folded that you’re just drawing half of the body.  Unless you have a pattern, just draw it free hand.  Unfortunately, I neglected to keep my pattern or I would have attached it to the blog (first tutorial here….so I’m still learning how to do this tutorial stuff!):



Step 4:  Once you think you’re satisfied with your owl shape you drew on your tissue, you’ll need to unfold it and tape it to your fabric pieces so you can then trace around it and cut out the fabric:



Step 5:   Now you’ll need to make some shapes for the eyes and wings.

For the eyes, we used different size soups cans and traced around them.  You can refer to the diameters for the circles in the pics below.
For the wings, we drew those by hand.  You might want to experiment on a separate piece of paper until you’re happy with the shape.
For the nose, you’ll need to draw a triangle.  I forgot to take a pic and measure as we were making it, so just experiment with the size and refer to the final pillow to get a sense of the size you need.





Step 6 and 7:   Next you’ll need to iron on the fusible interfacing to the eyes and wings.  I don’t have super detailed pics on these steps…it was getting a little late in the evening at this point:



Step 8:   Now you’ll sew the wings, eyes and beak to the right side of the furry fabric (this is front of the pillow) using a zig zag stitch on your machine.  Note the order that you need to follow when sewing everything:



Step 9:   Ok, we’re almost done!  Now you’ll need to sew the front and back of your pillow together, stuff it, and then finish it off:


Woohoo….you’re all done and now it’s time to admire your cute little guy!  Wasn’t that a Hoot?!

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