Week 2:  Sometimes Simple is Best

Week 2: Sometimes Simple is Best

Hi everybody!!! Well, here we are on Week 2 of the Suburbativity 52 Challenge and I’m sure you’ve all been waiting to find out what we created this week, aren’t you?!  Well, wait no more!!!   For our creative endeavor this week….drumroll please….we made A LIST!!!  I know, I know…you are TOTALLY impressed, aren’t you?

Well, let me explain.   When we started this challenge, we correctly anticipated (albeit a little surprisingly so, since it’s only Week 2) that we’d have some weeks where unanticipated things would come up in our schedules, or we’d be super crazy busy with work/school/life responsibilities.  Well, we managed to already hit one of those weeks here in Week 2 because I came down with the flu!  I’m on the mend now (thankfully!), so this was  a week that called for a simple creative task.   This week it also occurred to us that it might be a good idea to log things we’re learning along our journey of adding more creativity to our lives, and the first item that’s going on the list is something we learned this week:  sometimes simple is best!

Anyway, back to the list.  We thought it would be fun to incorporate our “52” theme and create a list of 52 things about our family (things that describe us, things we love, hobbies, etc.).  Although creating a list isn’t the most exciting of all things,  we did have to think a bit to come up with a total of 52 things about us, and it was also a fun family activity.

Now, there’s actually a little more than meets the eye when it comes to this list, as we’re going to be using it in a future week’s creative project (barring no new flu cases in the family)!  So check back to find out what becomes of THE LIST. In the meantime, here’s a quick peek:


We’ll see ya next week and hope everybody stays healthy out there!  This has been a rough season for the flu!


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