Week 3:  What a Hoot!

Week 3: What a Hoot!

Hi everybody!  I’m posting our Week 3 activity a little late, as I was in the beautiful city of San Francisco all week for my day job.   We finished our project last Sunday  night, the night before I left.  (By the way, unless you really enjoy living on the edge, I don’t suggest you wrap up your creative projects on the night you’re supposed to be packing for a trip!)   Needless to say, I wasn’t able to publish my post in time before I left town so I’m doing it now that I’m back at home.

So for Week 3 of the Suburbativity52 creative challenge, we made this cute little guy (the pillow, not the cat!):

Sparky and Owl

As you can tell, our cat Sparky and the owl are already fast buddies!!!

As it turns out, the pillow was a science project that Ashley had to do for school.  It wasn’t really the Suburbativity52 creative project I had in mind at the beginning of the week….I actually had wanted to work on creating a banner for this blog.  However, we had to change gears a little  when we realized Ashley’s science project would also be due this same week.  Fortunately, the science project involved creativity too so we figured it fit the bill just fine for this week’s Suburbativity52 project!   (And hence we’re discovering more  helpful tips about adding more creativity to our lives:  1) When picking a creative project, pick something that also solves a problem or requirement in another area of your life, and 2) Be flexible on the creative projects you set out to conquer and don’t be too committed to one outcome if necessity or other stirrings of inspiration direct you another way.  To quote  the famous artist Bob Ross, you might just stumble upon a “Happy Accident.”)

So here’s a little background on Ashley’s science project:  They have been doing a unit on genetics and so the project required that  every student create a “monster” that had certain dominant or recessive characteristics (square or round body, blue or yellow in color, round or slanted eyes, triangular or round nose, and pointed or square teeth).  After creating their monsters in any manner they wished, the students paired up with a partner and had to determine what characteristics the offspring of their 2 monsters would have based on their monster parents’ dominant and recessive genes.   Pretty fun science project, if you ask me!!!  I give big kudos to this science teacher for coming up with a very CREATIVE and hands-on project.  Ashley was very excited about learning about genetics as a result!    I also liked the fact that Ashley was both creative AND  practical when trying to figure out what kind of monster she would make.  She came up with the idea of making an owl pillow using the white furry fabric and blue decorative material so that she could use it as a decorative bed pillow for her room (she’s redecorating her room right now in blue and white)!  So we got the triple word score with this one – completed our creative project for the week, used it for the science project at school, AND Ashley will be using it in her room!  If that’s not a HOOT, I don’t know what is!

Here’s a little tutorial on how we made the owl pillow if you’re interested.

See ya next week!


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