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Week 8:  Seeing the Light

Week 8: Seeing the Light

Well I can’t take any credit for this week’s creative project, which was  modge-podging (is that a word???) light switch and outlet plates… it was pretty much all Ashley’s baby.  She came up with the  idea AND did all the work.

It was a really fun and quick thing to do (or in the case of Tom and I, watch being done!)  To do the project, Ashley cut out various pieces of scrapbook paper that she liked and glued them onto the plates with Modge Podge and then went over with a top coat of Modge Podge in matte finish.

She did 4 different ones (from left to right): light switch plates for her room, our craft area in the basement, and Tom’s office; and then also an outlet plate for her room:


Aren’t they great?! And like I said, super quick to do!   We’ll certainly be able to see the light switches now!

Have a light-filled week!  :-)


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Week 7:  Wreath of Discovery

Week 7: Wreath of Discovery

Hi everyone!  I’m a little late on posting our Week 7 creative endeavor.  We had a 3 day volleyball tournament over the President’s Day weekend and so we were quite tied up with that.   Then of course we had to get back into the work and school groove after that, and time just managedContinue Reading

Week 6:  Lessons of the Creative (and Sometimes Distracted) Heart

Week 6: Lessons of the Creative (and Sometimes Distracted) Heart

This week for our creative project we did yet another Valentine’s craft.  Like I said last week, we really HEART Valentine’s Day.  (Although, I think we’ll be good on Valentine’s crafts after this.) We’ve really been trying to use supplies and things that we already have on hand and discovered we had a round wreathContinue Reading

Week 5:  We Heart Valentine’s Decorations!

Week 5: We Heart Valentine’s Decorations!

Hi everybody, hope everyone enjoyed last Sunday’s Super Bowl.  We aren’t huge football fans but always enjoy the Super Bowl…mostly the commercials, of course!!!   We rooted for the Ravens since we live in VA outside of Washington DC  and Baltimore is only about an hour away (and hey, purple is our favorite color)! Like lastContinue Reading

Week 4:  Cupid’s On His Way

Week 4: Cupid’s On His Way

Hi everyone!  Deciding on our creative project for this week was really easy…with Valentine’s Day just around the corner we decided to put out our Valentine’s Day decorations! We like to decorate the mantel above our fireplace and change it with the seasons and holidays.  Here it is after we finished this week: Since we change theContinue Reading