Week 5:  We Heart Valentine’s Decorations!

Week 5: We Heart Valentine’s Decorations!

Hi everybody, hope everyone enjoyed last Sunday’s Super Bowl.  We aren’t huge football fans but always enjoy the Super Bowl…mostly the commercials, of course!!!   We rooted for the Ravens since we live in VA outside of Washington DC  and Baltimore is only about an hour away (and hey, purple is our favorite color)!

Like last week, this week’s creative project was inspired by Valentine’s, as well as the need to do a little re-purposing with something we already had.  Here’s the background:   Ashley and I were shopping at Pier1 Imports a few weeks ago and we found these really cute Valentine’s ornaments, so of course we had to snatch a few up:
We actually already had an ornament tree at home to hang the ornaments on and figured we should just use that.  However, there was one little problem:  The tree had a flower at the top of it,  and as you can see, the flower  doesn’t really go too great with the Valentine-themed ornaments:
So, for our project this week, we decided to decorate some hearts out of scrapbook paper to cover up the flower on the tree.
Here’s what we did:  
1) Our overall plan was to make 2 large hearts to slip over the flower on the top of the tree and attach smaller hearts to the larger hearts to cover up the leaves on the flower.
2) We cut out 2 larger hearts and 4 smaller hearts from scrapbook paper we had on hand.   (We LOVE scrapbook paper and have a lot on hand.  Unfortunately, we don’t have many finished scrapbooks.   Guess that will be a project for a future week!).  Then we decorated the hearts with glitter:
3) Next, we cut out hearts in coordinating paper and glued them to the back of the glittered hearts.
4) We hot-glued the larger hearts together at the tops and then slipped them over the flower on the tree.  Once we had the fit right, we hot-glued the sides of the larger hearts together and then glued on the 4 smaller hearts (2 on each side of the larger hearts).
Here’s the finished creation.   You can still sort of see the flower, but  at least we re-purposed something we already had!  Plus, it gave us an excuse to do another Valentine’s craft!
heart tree
For next week, we’ll probably do yet another Valentine’s craft.  Can you tell we really like Valentine’s Day???
Have a great week!
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