Week 6:  Lessons of the Creative (and Sometimes Distracted) Heart

Week 6: Lessons of the Creative (and Sometimes Distracted) Heart

This week for our creative project we did yet another Valentine’s craft.  Like I said last week, we really HEART Valentine’s Day.  (Although, I think we’ll be good on Valentine’s crafts after this.)

We’ve really been trying to use supplies and things that we already have on hand and discovered we had a round wreath form in our box of craft supplies …perfect for a Valentine’s wreath!!!    Then came the task of deciding what kind of Valentine’s wreath to make.   So we did what we often do when we need inspiration or ideas:   we googled “Valentine Wreaths” to check them all out.   Notice I said all…yes, we looked at pretty much looked at ALL of them.  In fact, I think we reached the end of the Internet in the process.  I’m exaggerating a little, but not much.   The sad thing was, because we spent so much time looking at the wreaths, we had very little time left to actually make the wreath.

While it’s very tempting to  look at all the amazing, creative projects and pictures on online, under the guise of getting inspired, before you know it, hours have gone by.  But even worse than that, something else arrives on the scene, something that is the mortal enemy of creativity…THE JUDGE.  You know, the one that says “Wow, look at all these amazing, incredibly creative things!  You’ll NEVER be able to make stuff this cool!”    Well, duh, of course you won’t, because you’re spending too much time online looking at everyone else’s wonderful, creative things, instead of sitting down and making something yourself!   Thus, we learned a couple of important lessons this week:  Wasting too much time online and judging your creative potential based on other people’s finished creations are both BIG enemies of creativity, so avoid them both whenever possible!!!

I’m sorry to say this wasn’t the first time this spending too long surfing the internet thing has happened.  And while it is true that we are often inspired by all the things we see online, this week it became really apparent to us that we have to be very, VERY careful not to spend too much time online if we really are going to achieve our goal of adding more creativity to our lives and conquer our Suburbativity52 Challenge.   And as far as the judging thing goes, that’s something we’re going to try not to do too much of either (although in all honesty, this one’s going to take awhile to conquer).   Stay tuned, and we’ll let you know how it goes.

So after all those minutes (well, ok… hours) online looking at wreaths, here’s the one we decided to use for our inspiration:

link wreath

Since we’re using a round wreath form, our wreath will be slightly different… painted white and the clothes pins hot-glued on.

Here’s our wreath in the beginning stage after we painted it:

wreath (white)

And here’s what it looks like now:

wreath (white)

Yup, you’re seeing it right.  We haven’t done anything yet besides painting it!  This is what happens when you spend too much time online searching for inspiration and not enough time actually creating!!!   So needless to say, this craft will be a carry-over to next week, and that’s ok, because we told ourselves at the beginning of this challenge it would be ok for some projects to cross weeks, just as long as we spent time each week doing something creative.  And hey, painting counts as creative in our book!!!   Even more important, we learned a good lesson this week about being careful with our creative time:   it’s a precious gift to be handled with care.

So stay tuned next week for the finished wreath!


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