Week 7:  Wreath of Discovery

Week 7: Wreath of Discovery

Hi everyone!  I’m a little late on posting our Week 7 creative endeavor.  We had a 3 day volleyball tournament over the President’s Day weekend and so we were quite tied up with that.   Then of course we had to get back into the work and school groove after that, and time just managed to get away from us.  Don’t you worry though, even though I haven’t posted we have still been plugging away on our Challenge!!!

So for Week 7, we finished up our Valentine’s wreath that we started last week.   It was a really fun project, but I have to admit, it wasn’t exactly the speediest thing we’ve done!  It took us a few nights of working on it here and there before we actually finished it.  (Here’s a little tutorial on it if you’re interested.)

If you recall from Week 6, this was our inspiration wreath:

link wreath

(Source:  The Vintage Umbrella)

And here was our wreath at the end of Week 6.  As you can see, it still needed quite a bit of work (due to our creative distraction in Week 6)!

wreath (white)

And here’s the finished wreath (yes we did finish it!):


We discovered a couple of cool things this week about the creative process and the little ideas and things that pop up along the way.  Some of those ideas turn into wonderful things, and others, not so much.  But trial and error is part of the whole creative process, right?    The funny thing is — and I find this to be the case with lots of things in life, not just creativity — it’s sometimes the things that take the least amount of effort that actually yield the best results.

So what unexpected ideas did we discover this week?  Well, after we finished the wreath, it just seemed like it needed a little something, so we came up with the idea of making the card to attach to the clothes pins.   Ashley designed the card in Power Point, and for the heart in the middle, she came up with the idea of pasting some of the leftover paper strips we  had cut for the clothes pins.  I thought that was a great idea, not to mention that we used some of the extra strips we had cut!   Another thing that came to us is that we could make additional cards and swap them out from time to time…you know, little love messages or something!!!  It is a Valentine’s wreath after all!   So that’s going on the list for future Valentine’s projects.

We hadn’t really planned on making the card when we started the wreath, or making additional ones to swap out, but that’s the really cool thing about creating… you just never know what you’ll actually end up with!  And sometimes, it’s even better than what you set out to do at the beginning!

So hope you like the wreath, but more importantly, hope everyone had a Happy Cupid’s Day!!!

See ya next week!


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