Week 9:  “Mist-erious”

Week 9: “Mist-erious”

This week we started working on a mixed medial mural that we’re going to use to make a banner for this blog.  We decided we’d make the background first and then we’d start layering on other items.  What items, you ask??  The ones we listed out on our list of 52 things about us from Week 2!  See, we really are going to use that list!

Our plan this week was to just brainstorm and do some experimental painting for the background of the mural.  We’re not even close to being done so this project is definitely going to span a couple of weeks, but at least we’ve gotten the ball rolling.

After I took a picture of the background and started looking at it closely, I got to smiling because I thought I could see the faint shape of a person in the middle of the paper.   Without getting too woo-woo on y’all, I couldn’t help but think it was my dad’s image somehow peeking through the paint.  He was an amazing painter and I know he would be absolutely thrilled that we were painting.  Here’s a little peek at the background….I know it’s a stretch, but can you see the shape of the body with the swirl in the middle of the chest???


My dad (Don Edelman) did an incredible painting called “Big Bend Morning (Man in Mist) — I would post it, but it’s been sold! — that has an outline of a man sitting on a misty bank in Big Bend, TX.    I thought it was a little poetic that without intentionally doing so, we ended up with a mysterious Man in the Mist of our simple little watercolor painting!!   Yet another cool thing about the creative process…always filled with the unexpected!

We’re going to keep plugging away on our mural, so stay tuned!


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