Week 10:   Micromovements

Week 10: Micromovements

Hi everyone.  Well, we had another extremely busy week with work, school, a volleyball tournament, and you know, life in general.  Needless to say, there wasn’t a lot of spare time to work on our Sub52 Challenge.  During the few minutes this week that we did manage to sit down and squeeze in some creativity time, we (well…ok, I) decided to experiment some more on our 52 Things mixed media mural that we started last week.    So this week  I decided to start with a whole new background of just sky and grass.  As you can see, there’s really not much to it yet and it’s still very much a work in progress:


Yes, I know, this new background is a complete 180 from what we did last week and is hardly a Van Gough!   But for some reason, I just had a hankering to try something else for the background, and that’s as far as I got.   After I painted the new background, Ashley and Tom didn’t seem to be following my vision and were wholly unimpressed.  I tried to convince them it was just an experiment and that mixed media is all about layering and this was just the bottom layer that we’d be adding much more to later.  Ashley sort of gave me the old, “Um, ok Mom…whatever you say” and then proceeded to work on something else (and she actually finished her project, as opposed to me!!!)

So let’s talk about Ashley’s project….  She and her friends have made several friend art journals  where they come up a theme for each page and then pass the book back and forth and fill in the page with things relating to the theme.  Isn’t that a fun idea for friends to do?!    She and I have started a mommy/daughter version as well and here’s a little page from that book that we did in December:


So this week, Ashley decided to start a  Spring Edition friend journal and decorate the front cover.  She took a regular ruled notebook, cut out strips of scrapbook paper and taped them on with clear packing tape (to protect the paper).  Here’s a pic of the front:


And the back:


And the inside!:


Pretty cute, huh?

This week was a lesson in humility for me since Ashley COMPLETED her project in no time, while I trudged along just “experimenting” with our 52 Things background.   I think that’s a big difference between kids and adults when it comes to creativity – they definitely haven’t developed that inner critic like we have and don’t get all wrapped around the axle about creating something perfect.

I’m really trying not to beat myself up too much about not completing the background yet and take some solace in the fact that at least some progress is better than nothing.     My day job is all about getting things done quickly and efficiently, so when I have the chance to do something that I can take my time on, it’s very relaxing for me…BUT  it can also be somewhat stressful if I let that “you must get this done NOW and make sure it’s perfect and wonderful” voice take over.   So I have to pause and remind myself that going slowly is ok.  I also remind myself about  “micromovements”, something creative extraordinaire SARK talks a lot about in many of her books.  SARK mentions that:

All of my 11 published books, posters, cards and company exist due to many thousands and thousands of micromovements all strung together. I think of the micromovements as tiny colored beads that have helped me be someone who lives in her dreams instead of talking about them.

WOW!!!  Knowing that SARK has published ALL 11 books and thousands of other creative works using “micromovements” makes me feel MUCH better about my tiny steps of creativity!!!  So, guess I’ll get back to experimenting and working on our 52 Things background, one micromovement at a time!!!

(If you want more tips on how to use micromovements, SARK has a great dowdloadable worksheet here describing the process.)

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