Week 11:  Canned Creativity

Week 11: Canned Creativity

Hi everyone, just like last week, we had another busy week and lately it seems like EVERY week is a busy week.  What is up with that????    I’m convinced that the world is just spinning faster and faster because it just seems like there’s less and less time to do more and more.    When we set out to complete the Suburbativity52 Challenge, we knew that doing something creative every day would be almost impossible for us so that’s how we settled on just once a week.  But geez!  Lately it seems we’re having trouble managing to do something even once a week!   I know that’s just the ebb and flow of life and not every week will be insanely busy and challenging.   But it does make me sad sometimes that it can be SO tough in this day and age to find time to just relax and create.

But don’t fret friends.  We did manage to spend some time creating this week.  After all, we have our challenge to meet!!!   This week, we (i.e. I) took a break from our mixed media 52 Things background (still uncompleted!) and had Ashley decide on our project for the week.    Ashley really loves YouTube teen favorite Bethany Mota (aka MacBarbie07) and wanted to make the cameras Bethany made from Arizona Tea aluminum cans that she featured in this video.

So after going out to purchase the Arizona tea (which Ashley promptly drank!), Tom punched a little hole near the top rim of the can to allow Ashley to cut the top off a little easier.   She took it from there and did all the rest all herself.  She was so excited after she made the first camera, that she decided to make a second one!  Here they are:


I know these cameras weren’t an original creation and that we simply copied someone else’s completely adorable, creative idea.   Our creation was “canned” in every sense of the word!!!  Hey, but at least we repurposed a couple of aluminum cans and made a some  super cute décor items for Ashley’s room (not to mention that Ashley thoroughly enjoyed drinking the tea)!   I know I personally love the fact that Ashley’s making her own stuff to decorate her room.

I also know what we do here on Sububativity52 is not fine art, and that there are a lot of amazing craft and DIY blogs out there with incredibly creative projects showcased in beautiful photographs.    We’re definitely keeping things a little scrappy on this blog, and that’s  for a couple of reasons:  First off, we don’t have the time or staff to do a lot of blog design, editing and photograph-taking, and second, we’re just trying to keep it real.    We started this challenge and blog not only to motivate our family to be more creative, but we also want to motivate all of you out there to join us in making more time for creativity so that we can all craft a  more creative world!!!    If we can do these projects, we know you can too!  And if we inspire some folks along the way, that will just make our day!!!

So “canned” or not, let’s all get out there and CREATE!!!


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