Week 12:  Hippity Hop Hop…

Week 12: Hippity Hop Hop…

…Easter’s on it’s Way!!!

With Easter just being a few days away, it’s not hard to guess what our creative activity was for the week.   We of course pulled out the Easter boxes from the basement and got busy decorating.

As I mentioned in February, we like to change out our fireplace mantel with the seasons and holidays and so here’s how the Easter mantel turned out:


left side

right side

front close up

Being the craft and decor hoarder that I am, we had most of the stuff we used for the mantel on hand.  (You might remember the feathers and teapot that we also used when we did the Valentine’s mantel.)  I guess it’s times like these that it’s nice to have a lot of this stuff on hand (although it doesn’t make for a very tidy, space-free basement)!  I should confess though that after we arranged everything on the mantel,  it seemed liked we needed a little greenery, so I did end up trudging to Michael’s to buy some of that.  And of course I couldn’t get out of that store without at least buying something else….I saw the white curly q’s and cute little sparkly birds and thought those would be fun additions, so I had to buy those as well!     Arranging everything went pretty quickly so it was a quick and fun activity for us this week, especially since Ashley hung all the eggs on the ornament tree. (You remember the tree, right?  We had a Valentine’s project related to that during February.)

We put a few Easter decs in the entry-way as well and were super excited because Ashley’s little rabbit that she had painted previously at a paint your own pottery store looked perfect on the table with the other decorations:

Easter Entry

Well, time to hop along to the next activity.  (I know, I know, that was an awful pun, but I couldn’t resist)!

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