Week 13:  An Eggcellent Creation

Week 13: An Eggcellent Creation

Well, yesterday was Easter so picking our creativity activity for the week was easy peasy…decorating eggs of course!

Ashley was fully in charge of this activity and takes all the credit, because she did all the work.   She got some really great ideas from the Martha Stewart Easter egg phone appand then added a few twists of her own.  Here are her finished eggs:


I think they turned out really great!  I especially love the blue egg with the pink lace because we used this lace that we had found a few weeks ago on a spur of the moment trip to some antique stores in search of old frames.  We figured we could use the lace at some point for a craft or art project:

Ashley thought of using the lace after she had dyed a couple of the eggs.  Though the lace was off-white originally, it ended up being pink, as you can see in the egg pic above.

I have to say that one of my favorite things about the creative process is when these types of spontaneous ideas burst onto the scene.  We certainly didn’t imagine that we’d end up using the lace we bought that day to decorate Easter eggs, but it seems perfectly natural now that we’d use if for that purpose!!!

Another idea that Ashley came up with was a secret message egg.   Here’s what she did…

She took a raw egg and poked a hole in each end:


Then she stuck a straw in a little ways through one hole and carefully blew the yolk and white out the other end (carefully being used liberally here…we had a little yoke splatter occur, but that’s ok)!  After rinsing the egg out gently and letting it dry, she wrote a message on a small piece of paper, rolled it up, and placed it into the egg.

Then she gave it to me at the end of the day to crack open.  Inside was a very sweet message that said, “Happy Easter Mom!  I love you!!!”



Awwww….. I think we’ll have to do a bunch more of those next year!!!

See ya next week and hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

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