Week 14: Message in a Moose

Week 14: Message in a Moose

Hi friends, so this week was Tom’s birthday (Happy Bday, Honey)!!!  And for our creative activity this week, Ashley and I decided to make a birthday card for Tom instead of buying one from the store.

Ashley had this great idea of making a moose out of a root beer bottle and then making a card to slip inside the bottle…hence, a Message in a Moose!!!  This was another fun and quick craft (and I have to admit – I really love the ones that are fun AND quick)!

The moose idea  stemmed from Tom’s loves of animals and  also Ashley wanting to make something “manly” for him.   And then the bottle idea came from the fact that we’ve been on a roll lately of making things out of Arizona Tea cans and bottles to decorate Ashley’s room, like the cameras she made from the cans during Week 11, and the bottle she’s using as a flower vase:

Arizona tea flowers

Luckily, we had a Saranac root beer bottle on hand, so after emptying it and drying it, Ashley drew some antlers on brown scrapbook paper and taped them on.  Then we drew on some eyebrows with a black marker and hot-glued on some googly eyes and acorn for the nose.    (Back story on the acorns:  we had several acorns in our craft stash that we had previously gathered on a really nice day in the Fall.  It was one of those beautiful days that we knew we should take advantage of and do something outside and Ashley decided we should collect acorns.  We weren’t quite sure what we’d end up using them for at the time but knew at some point they’d come in handy — and this was the week…woohoo!!!)

After finishing the moose, Ashley made a card for us to sign out of hunter green scrapbook paper (had to use a manly color, of course!), rolled it up, tied it with a string, and slipped it into the bottle:

Moose Msg

Tom totally loved it!!!  Pretty amoosing, don’t you think???

See y’all next week!


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