Week 15:  Bike Rides and Pyramids

Week 15: Bike Rides and Pyramids

Hi everyone, I’m posting today on Tax Day, and if there’s anything that can put the kibosh on creativity, I’d have to say it’s probably taxes!!!  (Although, I guess some people can get fairly creative about how they report things on their tax returns!)   In my case though, I have to say that thinking about taxes does nothing at all to trigger my creativity!   In fact, just even thinking about taxes makes me instantly grumpy, as I’m sure it does you, so that’s enough talk about that!!!

On a brighter note, this weekend we had absolutely glorious weather here in Northern Virginia, and it was long overdue at that.   Apparently our March here this year was 13 degrees colder than last year, so you can bet that everyone in our area was out and about this weekend soaking in all the beautiful sunshine, low humidity,  and glorious 70 degree temps.    But while the wonderful weather was a much needed balm for our family’s winter-worn psyche, it was a little bit of a distraction to our Sub52 challenge.  We wanted to spend as much time as possible outside this weekend, and unfortunately this was a little bit of a distraction to our creative activity for the week.    We did finally manage to set aside a little time on Sunday to get creative and decided to work some more on our mixed media mural  for our blog banner (yes, the same mural we started back in Week 9).    And when I say a little time, I’m being pretty generous, as it was only about an hour all told.  Ashley and I took to the outside with some of our art supplies and computer to draw some rough sketches and do photo edits of a few things on our list of 52 things that we’re using for our mural.   But after an hour or so passed, we decided we needed to go on a bike ride, and so we did  – a 3 hour long bike ride no less!  — and by the time we got back, it was time to start dinner.  So, I regret to report that there wasn’t any more creating the rest of the night after that.  Now, we did manage to stop and make a little music video set to the song “We Come Running” (by  Youngblood Hawke) next to a water fountain that we passed on our ride. Tom said the video certainly counts as a creative activity, and I suppose he’s right.    I’d really love to share it with you, but Ashley threatened to disown me if I did, so you’ll just have to trust me when I tell you that it was pretty silly and we had a lot of fun doing it.

I can, however,  share with you a cute little photo edit that Ashley created of our cat Jazz that we’re going to be using in the mural:


Can you see Jazzy’s little tongue sticking out???  Cuteness, right???

That’s all I’m really ready to share from this week’s creations (unless I can talk Ashley into letting me share our music video, but I wouldn’t hold your breath)!

Now, I have to confess that there have been several weeks since we’ve started this blog, this week included,  that I’ve wanted to stay up and toil away into the wee hours to come up with some more impressive creations to show you.  But I’ve ended up stopping myself several times because:  a) our creations are supposed to be a family effort,  and b)  one of the things we’re trying to do on this blog is be realistic about weaving creativity into our Suburban family lives, and to do it without killing ourselves.   We’re really not setting out to create masterpieces here (although we’ll certainly be delighted if we ever do!) , but instead to just enjoy the process of creating, now matter how big or small the creations are.  And the truth is that sometimes we don’t have a ton of time left over after all our other responsibilities (or long bike rides enjoying the amazing weather!)  to spend creating.  While it makes me sad that our lives, and really society in general, seem to be so over-scheduled these days that there’s not much spare time to just relax and create, it is what it is.    And although our family would love nothing more than to be able to spend several hours a week on creative projects, some weeks it just doesn’t happen.    But we’re still determined to keeping plugging away and do it in whatever increments we can because  it fuels our souls and it’s fun for us!   So, I try not to beat myself up too much that we haven’t managed to create a ton of masterpieces yet during this challenge, and instead try to celebrate the tiny bouts of creativity that we manage to squeeze in whenever, wherever, and however they come!

All this talk of time and effort had me thinking about pyramids this week.  Mainly because I was thinking about how long it took to create the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt…apparently it took 20 years to construct!!!  Aside from the great engineering feat that it was, it’s just darn cool, isn’t it?


Can you imagine anything in our society today taking that long???    As Tom is fond of telling Ashley and I, “good things take time”, and I do believe he’s right.

Pyramids also came to mind when I thought this week about my dad (Don Edelman,  an amazing fine artist) and his creations.    For many, many years, he tinkered and toiled away trying to construct this 3 dimensional wall hanging of a pyramid with 3 triangular doors that opened to reveal a client portrait inside.    Sadly, he was never quite able to get it to work to his satisfaction before his passing.  And as frustrating as it was at times for him, I do believe that he found a lot of satisfaction in just working on the creative, problem solving aspects of it.  So rather than being focused on simply the end result, I think he cherished the creative process in and of itself.

He was however able to create many other amazing sculptures and paintings, which bring delight to  many homes, including ours.  Here are a few of his paintings that hang in our home:

my portrait

Portrait of me, at about 5 years old.

Cmon Paiting is Fine

Come on in, the Painting is Fine

Salmon Run

Salmon Run Without Shoes

So here’s to enjoying the ebb and flow of the creative process,  as well as enjoying long bikes rides on a beautiful Spring day!

See ya next week,


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