Week 22:  A Nesting Table Gets Its Stripes

Week 22: A Nesting Table Gets Its Stripes

Hi all, I’m still a a little behind on posting but I plan to get caught up this week and post our last 2 week’s creative activities.   Since we’re doing a kitchen remodel right now, we (well, ok.. I) have been on a furniture redo kick lately.  So needless to say, Week 22 was starting another diy furniture makeover like Week 21!

The latest victim was the smallest of 3 nesting tables that I bought  from Pier1 about 7 years ago,  and boy are they  in serious need of an update!   The tables sit in the corner of our front sitting room and in their current state don’t go well at all with the rest of the decor in there, not to mention they were starting to show some serious wear and tear, as you can see from these pics:

large nesting tables

closeup nesting table

I wanted to do something a little different with these nesting tables of ours  and thought some copper and silver would be just the ticket since we’ve got both silver and bronze accents on some of the other furniture in the room.  I was also inspired by these gold and silver tables in Censational Girl’s master bedroom:

via Censational Girl

via Censational Girl

I decided to start with the smallest of the 3 tables since I wasn’t sure how this little project would turn out.  It’s not the highest quality furniture in the world, but the good thing about Pier 1’s assemble yourself furniture is it’s really easy to take apart, so the table top came off  in a snap!   Tom then got busy sanding away on the top.   (Thank goodness I have a husband who doesn’t mind sanding because it’s my least favorite thing to do when refinishing furniture.  I’m happy to paint all day and all night, but sanding is most definitely NOT my thing!)

After the top was sanded, I spray painted the base with copper spray paint.  Then the hard part came….trying to decide what to do with the top.   I experimented with a few different designs, but eventually decided that strips would be fun and that’s what we ended up with:

small nesting table

The top has a little unevenness to it, but there wasn’t much I could do about that because of the irregularity of the grain.  Hopefully it won’t show much after I set the nick nacks on it!   Now on to table 2 and 3!

I’ll be back soon with Week 23!


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