Week 24:  Grow Your Life!

Week 24: Grow Your Life!

Hi friends, with this posting I am going to be all caught up posting our weekly Sub52 creations.  I’m not sure how I got so behind on my postings, but it’s such a relief to be caught up!  Whew!

Week 24’s activity was all about mixed media.  It was also a solo project that I did, although Tom and Ashley did get involved motivating and cheerleading me on.  Here’s the backstory on the inspiration…

This week I picked up a copy of the June  issue of O Magazine in the grocery store and the first thing that caught my eye on the cover was the “Our Best Contest Ever!” headline.  I immediately flipped to the page about the contest to read all about the “Grow Your Life” contest in which Oprah is flying the winner and his or her guest to Maui to hike and have lunch with Oprah and Bob Greene on Oprah’s Maui farm.  My mouth started drooling right away, not at the thought of lunch, but at the thought of  going to Hawai (I’ve never been) AND getting to meet Oprah!   How cool would that be???    To enter, contestants  had to submit an entry online or by mail describing in 150 words or less “What would you like to grow in your life and why?  It could be anything – a friendship, a business, even a particular talent.”

“Cool”, I thought to myself, “this won’t be hard at all.  I want to grow my creativity AND a business.  I’ll just write about that!”  But then I read the date of the submission deadline:  June 17th.  And I was reading this article on June 16th.  Not exactly a lot of time to come up with something creative for my entry!  I needed to get busy, and FAST.   Fortunately an idea hit me pretty quickly.  Since the theme was about growing, and I was wanting to grow my creativity, I thought I’d cover both bases by decorating the entry form and the envelope in mixed media style with a Grow theme.    Plus, I thought a decorated envelope would get the judges attention.   So I got busy painting, drawing, glueing, stamping, and stickering away on both the envelope and the card inside:


I worked all day and into the night, but I managed to mail off my form on June 17th!  I know my chances of winning are pretty slim, but it was a lot of fun coming up with an idea and making the submission.

Wish me luck!


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