Week 25:  Birdhouses Beckon

Week 25: Birdhouses Beckon

Hi everyone, so when we started out the week, we weren’t really sure what our Sub52 activity was going to be.  I had a really busy week at work and didn’t have a whole lot of time to brainstorm on what we would do.  Fortunately, Ashley came to the rescue and thought it would be fun to make some no-sew hair bows.  So, at this point, you might be  wondering why the title of this post is about birdhouses.  Well, read on…

After we decided to make the hair bows, we swung by JoAnn’s and Michael’s one night after work to pick up some fabric squares for the bows.  Then, as we were walking down one of the aisles in JoAnn’s, Ashley spotted these cute little guys:


They were just calling out to us to be painted so we decided we’d decorate these in addition to making the bows.  I don’t have all the pics ready for the bows yet but I’ll post those soon.

The birdhouse project was a pretty simple and low cost project.  The houses were roughly $1.50 piece and fortunately we had everything else on hand ( craft stash to the rescue, again)!

Supplies used:
Modge Podge – Matte Finish
Small-tipped paintbrushes
Acrylic Paints – green, teal blue, yellow, pink, peach, antique white
Scrapbook paper – we used some pages from DCWV Garden Party and Kathy Davis’s Ambrosia cardstack

I don’t have a ton of step by step photos, but basically all we did was cut out the paper, modge-podged it onto the roofs of the houses, and then painted the remaining sections.  Then we applied a 2nd coat of paint, did a few touch-ups, and topped everything off with a final coat of Modge Podge.  We probably should have sanded the houses a little first, but since these are going outside, I didn’t get too hung up about the sanding.  (Plus, Tom’s our sanding expert and he was out of town!)



And here are the finished houses…as you can see the “birds” like them already!!!




As you can tell from the close-up pics, we weren’t super neat with some of the paint, but from a distance, you can’t tell too much that we had some slips.  Hopefully the birds won’t mind our messiness too much!

With July 4th coming up next week, I’m sensing a wreath making project is in our future…so check back soon for that!  I’ll post the pics of the bows soon as well.

Ciao for now,

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  1. How cute! Y’all are so crafty. :)

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