Week 27:  For the Love of Pillows

Week 27: For the Love of Pillows

I  have a BIG thing for pillows in our house  and so we  have mounds of pillows on all of our beds and sofas.  I change the pillows on the sofas with the seasons and holidays, and Tom often jokes that it takes several hours just to remove the pillow pile before we get in bed (assuming of course we made the bed that day).  And since we’re in the process of redoing Ashley’s room right now, it goes without saying that we need new pillows to go with her new color scheme!!

So our Sub52 creative activity this week was all about selecting fabric and making the new pillows for her room.  Ashley and I were like two kids in a candy store looking at all the fabric at JoAnn’s!  I don’t know what it is about it, but I could spend hours looking at fabric (and scrapbook paper too) and it seems Ashley is developing this same obsession as well.  All the colors and designs just make me so happy, and I get so inspired thinking about all the different things that can be created.  But like I mentioned in Week 6, one of my biggest problems is I spend WAY too much time looking at all the pretty fabrics and thinking about all the creative possibilities that I then have no time left to actually make something!  Anybody else out there have that problem?

My saving grace this week was that Ashley kept me on task since she’s very anxious to get her room done.  So we managed to pick out the fabric last week and then I sewed the pillows this week:

Ashley's Pillows

Aren’t these fun and bright Waverly fabrics???

Now we just have to decide on the wall paint.  I thought Benjamin Moore’s Niveous (one of designer Candace Olson’s top 5 colors) would go great with her pillows:


But Ashley tells me she wants to go with white paint to get the “fresh and clean” look.  It pains me to do white paint on the wall, as I’m always one to accent with color, but it is her room after all, so white it will be.  Now we just have to sift through the  million different shades of white paint and decide.  Sigh.

I just can’t wait to figure it out so we can get back to playing with fun, bright COLORS!!!  In the meantime, think I’ll go fluff the pillows…


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