Week 28:  Got Marshmellows?

Week 28: Got Marshmellows?

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, for the past few weeks we’ve been in the throws of a kitchen remodel as well as redoing Ashley’s room.  While I’m happy to report that the kitchen is now completed, we are still working on Ashley’s room makeover, along with the upstairs hall bath and a front yard landscaping project.   Couple all that with the fact that we’re leaving soon for a  4 day trip to NC for Tom’s brother’s wedding reception and a visit to the Biltmore in Asheville, NC, and it was a week that left little time for creative endeavors.  The only thing that saved us was marshmellows.  Yes, marshmellows!  Ashley spotted this fun little project on Pinterest where you  paint marshmellows with milk dyed with food coloring:

via LivingLocurto.com

via LivingLocurto.com

So Ashley thought it would be fun to make these marshmellows and give them to a friend for her birthday along with the other gifts she was giving.    We proceeded to make said marshmellows although we had reservations about the milk spoiling so we opted to add the food coloring to water instead and dip the marshmellows in the dyed water.   Well, here’s a newsflash that is probably already obvious to all of you, but  when you dip marshmellows in water, they get really soggy.  We only discovered this several soggy marshmellows later.    So we then decided to just dip toothpicks in the dyed water and draw on them.  Ashley ultimately decided that the marshmellows weren’t gift-worthy, however they were really fun to make:

our marshmellows

Not to mention that you get to eat them afterwards!

So although they didn’t make the gift cut, it was a lot of fun “drawing” on (and eating!) the marshmellows, and it was also a quick and easy way to get in our Sub52 creativity activity  for the week!  And sometimes quick and easy is what we need.  To me that’s still better that not creating anything at all!

Next week we plan to make some DIYs for Ashley’s room so be sure to check back for those!

Ciao for now,

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