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Week 32:  No More Tangled Necklaces

Week 32: No More Tangled Necklaces

Hi all, our Week 32 creative activity was another project that was inspired out of necessity.  You see, Ashley really loves wearing long necklaces,  but they had a bad habit of getting into a tangled mess when she stored them on her shelf.   We knew just what the solution was after watching Elle Fowler talk about the pretty DIY framed necklace holder that she made in this video.

We loved the idea of Elle’s framed holder and thought it would look really pretty hanging in Ashley’s newly painted white room.  So we got busy making our own DIY frame.  We loved Elle’s frame so much that we didn’t want to change much about it.   We purchased our knobs from Anthropologie just like she did,  and in fact, bought several of the same ones!  Here’s how it turned out:


Pretty, pretty, right? It was also pretty easy to make, especially since Tom practically did it all !!!

Here’s what we did:  First, after searching everywhere for a pretty frame that was big enough, we finally found a silver one at A.C Moore.  Since we wanted a white frame instead of silver, we painted it using the leftover antique white paint that I used in our Week 21 furniture facelift project.      Then we made the backing by mounting some leftover wallpaper that we had on hand to a piece of 1/8″ thick plywood.  Tom drilled holes into the wood backing with his electric drill and then inserted the knobs.    Needless to say, this project never would have happened without him!!!  Thank you honey!

I was so happy with the way this turned out that I decided I needed a necklace holder as well, so I asked Tom if he could make one for me!  Check back in a couple of weeks to see it.

So, not only will Ashley’s necklaces not getting tangled on the shelf anymore, but now she’s got a really pretty wall-hanging for her new room!   Thanks for the inspiration Elle !!!

See ya next week!


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