Week 30:  Victory Vases

Week 30: Victory Vases

Wow did I get behind in posting…five weeks behind!!!   It was for good reason though…VACATION!!!  I have to confess though, we haven’t been on vacation the whole 5 weeks (although I SURE wish that was the case)!    Vacation  came and went, but then there was the post-vacation getting caught up, followed by the school supply shopping, the first week of school, and well, you get the picture.    Fortunately  things have settled down a little, so I’ll be posting  our 5 weeks of  Sub52 creations over the next five days!!!!   But please don’t judge too harshly,  because with all our end of summer activities,  some of our weekly creations over the past few weeks are not quite as exciting as others.

And that also leads me to the following:   I’m noticing that on this blog there are a lot of times I seem to be giving excuses on why our creations aren’t that spectacular, or, that we did something quick and easy because we were so busy.    And if I let myself, I can start feeling a little insecure and defeated because of that.  There’s a part of me that sometimes thinks that because I’m putting these creations out there on the World Wide Web for all to see, we need to be making spectacular, wildly creative things.  There are certainly a zillion websites, artists, and creative types out there blogging about and posting  amazing creations that put our little suburban creations to shame.  But on the other hand, when I look back to why I started this Sub52 challenge and blog in the first place, it really wasn’t to blow everyone’s socks off.  It really truly was all about starting some momentum within our family to stop dreaming about creating and FINALLY START DOING IT since life, work, and busy schedules seemed to be consuming more and more of our time.

So why the blog then???  Well, I needed the accountability that comes from blogging, because without it, I knew that all of life’s responsibilities would continue to get in the way…pretty much like they have my whole life.  And while our creations won’t rival Martha’s, and the housework has suffered, we keep plugging away on our Sub52 challenge week after week, one small and maybe insignificant creation at a time.  And I’m choosing instead to think of it as victory, not defeat.

Since I’m in a victorious frame of mind, I’m calling the project for Week 30 Victory Vases.  I also view them as victorious because Ashley turned every day bottles and containers that ordinarily would have ended up in the trash or recycling bin, into beautiful vases that sit on her bedroom shelves, brightening up her room:


 From left to right, here’s what she used:   1) Very Bradley Plastic Cup 2) Plastic “Ice” Bottle – all glitterfied in gold   3) Wine Bottle (ours of course, not hers!)   4) Arizona Green Tea bottle  5) Starbucks Frappuccino bottle.   They all make great vases, don’t you think???

 So here’s to victory, one week and one creation at a time….

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