Week 31:  Funny Faces

Week 31: Funny Faces

Our week 31 activity was actually a couple of food creations that were spawned from a bad mood and a gnat bite. Seriously!!!

Ashley was in a funk one day and to cheer her up I decided to get creative with some coconut macaroons we had bought a few days ealier. I made this  happy face plate and then presented it to her:

Plate 1

She thought it was pretty silly but it succeeded in making her smile and we had a nice laugh over it.

Fast forward to later that day. I decided to do a little weeding in the yard and apparently got bit by a gnat. Yes, gnats bite…who knew???  And as it turns out, my body apparently doesn’t like gnat bites.  Later that evening, I ended up taking a trip to the ER since my face was starting to look like Elephant Woman (I’ll spare you the gross pic!).   Don’t worry, all was fine a few days later, thanks to some prescription antihistamines and steroids.

There’s a “happy” ending to all this…When I came home from the ER that night, Tom and Ashley had taken my happy face plate idea, modified it slightly, and had this sitting out for me:

Plate 2

See the little boo-boo by the eye???  Yep, that’s where the gnat bit me!  I got such a chuckle over this (especially the eye boo-boo) and was excited Tom and Ashley had been inspired by the happy face plate I had made for Ashley earlier.   It made the whole trip to the ER a lot less annoying!

So even though they were simple (remember, sometimes simple is best!!!) our unplanned, spontaneous food creations brought smiles to our faces and made us laugh.  Not to mention they were quite delicious!   It’s times like this that I’m reassured that this crazy creativity challenge  really is a great thing for our family!!!
Ciao for now!
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