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Week 42: Easy Halloween Vase

Week 42: Easy Halloween Vase

Happy Halloween everyone!  We still had one Halloween project left in us for our Week 42 creative project.

After decorating the house for Halloween, I still had some leftover Halloween floral decorations but didn’t really have anything to put them in.  So I decided to use a glass vase that I had on hand and decorate it with whatever else I could find or make to spruce it up.

Here’s how it turned out:


Here’s what I did to make it…


  • Glass vase
  • Halloween floral items
  •  White tulle (not shown below)
  • Plastic Halloween confetti shapes
  • Halloween clip art (found online)
  • Glue (not shown below)
  • Glitter – black (not shown below)
  • Glitter Glue – red and gold (not shown below)
  • Double sided clear tape (not shown below)


First, I gathered the floral items together, wrapped the white tulle around the stems and placed them in the white vase.  Then I adjusted everything a little.

Next, I found some free Halloween clip art online of a solid or mostly solid black cat, bat, pumpkin and skeleton.  I  copied the images into Power Point, resized them and printed them out.  I had to resize and print the images a couple of times to get them to the size I wanted.

 I cut out the clip art images, brushed on some glue and then sprinkled on some black glitter.


 After putting on the black glitter, I decided I didn’t like the white areas that weren’t covered by glitter.


So I squeezed on some glitter glue to cover up the white.

After the shapes dried overnight, I sprayed on some sealer so the glitter wouldn’t fall off.  After the sealer dried, I applied double sided tape to the back and then taped the shapes onto the vase.  I also taped on some plastic confetti bats and spiders that I had on hand.



I liked this project because I used existing stuff I had on hand, and when it comes time to put the Halloween decorations away, I can just peel everything off the vase and store them for next year.

This was a pretty easy project, but remember what I said in last week’s glitter project — glitter gets messy — but try not to get too frustrated by that and just focus on the sparkle that awaits you when you finish the project!

 Enjoy all your Halloween candy and see ya next time!

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