Week 33:  No More Tangled Necklaces 2.0 !

Week 33: No More Tangled Necklaces 2.0 !

Hi all, remember last week’s Week 32 project — the DIY Framed Necklace Holder that we made for Ashley’s room?    Well, I loved it so much I decided I needed something similar to hold all my jewelry.  I’ve collected a lot of costume jewelry over the years,  and until recently, all my jewelry was scattered throughout our house in a bunch of different rooms and storage thingies!!!  That made getting ready in the morning a little challenging because I was always scurrying back and forth to find this necklace, or that bracelet, and those earrings…you get the point.   But as much as I loved Ashley’s necklace holder, I knew I was going to need something slightly different because I wanted something bigger.   I also wanted something flexible that would accommodate different sizes and types of jewelry pieces, and also something that would allow me to move pieces around as I added or got rid of things.

To figure out a solution for my jewelry, I of course went online and googled DIY jewelry holder and then proceeded to look at a zillion different pics of jewelry holders.  I finally decided on a peg board solution….. cost effective and super flexible!!!

Now that “the what” was figured out, I had to figure out “the how.”  That part was easy…. I asked my husband Tom to make it!!!

So I showed Tom a pic of a similar peg board holder and he got busy making it.      After measuring the wall in my closet where we wanted to hang the holder, Tom purchased some white peg board and pretty wood molding to make the frame from Home Depot.  He then cut the peg board to size, and made the frame and back mounting piece to attach to the peg board.  After joining all the pieces together, he then primed and hit everything with white spray paint (I  figured white would be classic and versatile).   We initially used a couple coats of  flat white spray paint, but after seeing it decided a semi-gloss would look better, and sure enough, it did.

Here’s  the finished masterpiece hanging in my closet:

Pegboard necklace holder

I know I make it sound simple, and it was…Tom did all the work!!!   I also know I’m very VERY lucky to be married to such a talented, handy guy to make things like this!!!

I am one happy woman now…no more tangled necklaces and ALL my jewelry in one place!!!  And  it will be easy to move things around as I add or get rid of items (I’m sure I’ll be doing more adding than getting rid of)!!!  So there you have it….version 2.0 of our DIY framed jewelry holder.

I’m still getting caught up on posting our weekly creative activities…so more to come soon!

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