Week 36:  Halloween Decorations – Part 1

Week 36: Halloween Decorations – Part 1

Hi everyone!   For our creative activity this week, we got busy putting out our Halloween decorations around the house.  It takes us awhile since the amount of decorations that we have for Halloween is starting to rival Christmas!   We really love Halloween…I think it’s because it’s such a fun holiday from a creative standpoint….so, so, SO many fun crafts you can make!!!  Plus you get the costumes, parties, and the Trick or Treating — all without the stress of the holidays!

So for this week, we managed to finish decorating the entry way:

Hallow Entry2

We made the painted white pumpkins last year….I had forgotten all about them until I got them out of the tote.  I was so happy when I spotted them! I don’t know what it is about white pumpkins (remember the one we did for Ashley’s room last week?), but I just think they’re cool.  I got the BOO letter stencil pattern from this website.

Hallow Entry Close2

We also put out our Halloween door wreath that we made last year (thanks to the inspiration and tutorial posted here by littlebirdiesecrets).  


So at least we’re on our way to getting totally Spooky here at the house, but we’re far from done.   We’ll probably be decorating well into next week…and maybe even the entire month of October for that matter!  But hey, we’ve got until the 31st before the Trick or Treaters come, right???

See you ghouls next week!


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