Week 38:  We Heart Fall

Week 38: We Heart Fall

Hi all, we are still decorating away for Halloween, but we took a break from that for a bit in Week 38.   For our creative activity this week, we joined the ranks of many others out there and put up a heart photo collage on Ashley’s bedroom wall.  She wants to change out her collage each season, so this first one is of course Fall-themed.

To make the collage, Ashley searched the web for Fall photos that she liked and saved them on her phone.  Then she emailed them to me, I pasted them into PowerPoint, and resized them into approx 4″ squares.  Then we printed them all out using our colored printer, cut them out, and attached them to the wall with blue painters tape — which I suggested so it wouldn’t leave a mark on the wall.  I was a little worried the blue tape might show through the photos, but fortunately, it’s hardly noticeable.  Ashley is super happy with how it turned out,  and I am too!!!  The collage really pops on her white wall:

We Heart Fall

I think her idea of changing the pics out every season is a great one, and you can be sure you’ll be seeing the Winter wall in a future Sub52 week!

No rest for the “wicked” though…we’ve got to get right back to our Halloween decorating, so see y’all soon!!!


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