Week 39:  Halloween Decorations – Part 3

Week 39: Halloween Decorations – Part 3

We continue to get very scary at our house with the Halloween decorations, but what’s even scarier is how behind I am my postings for this blog!  Ever since we went on vacation this summer I just haven’t been able to get back into my posting groove.  I gotta tell ya, when it comes to doing this creativity challenge blog,  the creating and making stuff hasn’t been the hard part, it’s the postings…. I don’t think when I started this blog I realized how long that part can take.  Oh well, at least now I know!

 Anyhow, our Week 39 activity was making this spooky Halloween tree centerpiece for our dining room.

Hallow Tree

 Here’s what we used to make it:

  • Dead twigs (not pictured below)
  • Black Spray Paint  (not pictured below)
  • Artificial Pumpkin
  • Floral Foam
  • Black Glass Gems
  • Floral Wire  (not pictured below)
  • Black Tulle


Here’s how we did it…

1)    After we collected dead twigs from the yard, we wired them together and placed them in a make-shift holder made out of a detergent bottle filled with water (Tom’s idea, and it worked GREAT)!    Then we spray painted the twigs black.  We did this at night (we end up doing a lot of our projects at night after work).   I don’t particularly recommend this.  Black paint at night is not the easiest thing to see!!!


Sp Needless to say,  we ended up applying a second coat of spray paint the next day.  Much easier to see during the day!!!


To  To make the base, we used an artificial pumpkin purchased from AC Moore.  We cut the top off with an electric knife and then spray painted it black.  Then I cut some floral foam to size and placed it in the pumpkin base.


pump foam

4    Then we placed the twigs into the floral foam, however at that point we encountered a slight problem…the twigs were too heavy and the arrangement kept wanting to topple over.  So, I purchased some black glass gems from Hobby Lobby and poured them into the pumpkin to balance the arrangement.  That worked like a charm and they look pretty cool too.  Another happy accident!


5.       To hide the floral wire on the twigs, I wrapped black tulle around the wire.


6.       And then comes the fun part…putting the ornaments on the tree!   I used Halloween ball ornaments that I bought last year.  Don’t totally remember where I got them, although my hunch is Pier 1.  If you get ambitious and make your own Halloween ornaments there are tons of great ideas online.

Hallow Tree closeup

I’m happy with how our spooky tree turned out, although I’m not quite sure where the heck to store it after Halloween’s over!!!

I liked the black twigs in the centerpiece so much I painted some more and put them in the flower pots on the front porch.  Spray painted some burlap black as well and wrapped them around the flowers to make them a little spookier.



I think we’re all set for the Trick or Treaters now, although we still have a few more Halloween crafts planned, so stay tuned.   Like I said before, we are big Halloween fans!!!

See ya, Spookies!

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