Week 40:  Whatever You Do, Don’t Look Into My Eyes!

Week 40: Whatever You Do, Don’t Look Into My Eyes!

Hi friends, Tom and I went to a Halloween costume party this last weekend so naturally our creative project last week was figuring out our costumes!    Our friends have this party every year and it’s always a lot of fun.  It’s such a blast to see everyone in their crazy costumes and dressing up myself is one of the big reasons I love Halloween so much…. how often do we get to look totally ridiculous or silly and it be acceptable???  Here’s some of our costumes from previous years:

Cupid and her Prisoner of Love

Cupid and Prisoner

Ozzy Osbourne and his Hallucination of Sharon

Ozzy and sharon

This year I thought it would be fun for me to go as Medusa and Tom to go as a Man of Stone (since of course he can’t but help to look into my eyes)!   I can’t take credit for this idea though…I found pics of some other couples that went as this when I was perusing the internet for couples costumes ideas.

Medusa and Man of Stone

My costume was pretty easy to pull together.  I was able to purchase the dress and wig online.   However, I wanted to jazz the wig up a little and have snakes coming out of it from every direction,  so I bought a pack of rubber snakes from Amazon and then attached several of them to the wig with green floral wire.   The costume also came with a tiara headband but I had trouble getting it to look right when I put it under or over the wig, so I ended up cutting off the elastic and then wiring it to the wig as well.

For Tom’s costume, he purchased a grey Henley type shirt and grey cords from Target.  Then he made crack marks on the shirt using a black Sharpie and grey spray paint.  He put grey grease makeup all over this face, neck and hands and then I made some crack marks on his face and neck with a black eyeliner.  He was such a trooper to deal with that makeup all night!!!

We tend to end up either making or tweaking our costumes every year, so it’s definitely a labor of love.  But it’s always worth it because we have a great time once we’re all dressed up.  Good news is we think we already have our costume ideas for next year…so check back in a year to see those!!!

Now that I’ve seen some Big Trick or Treaters this weekend, I can’t wait to see all the little ones in a few days!!!!

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