Week 41:  Sparkly Pumpkins and Perfectionism (and why we should avoid the Latter)

Week 41: Sparkly Pumpkins and Perfectionism (and why we should avoid the Latter)

So for our Week 41 activity, I thought for sure we’d come with a quick, cheap, and easy Halloween craft.  As it turns out, it was pretty cheap and easy, but it wasn’t exactly quick.  And that’s because it involved glitter, and glitter may be easy, but it’s not always quick.  So here’s what happened…

When we were trying to figure out our weekly craft activity for last week, we had some small white pumpkins that we had bought at the store and thought it would be a good project to decorate them with glitter.  We had 4 total so we decided to decorate 2 with black glitter to display somewhere downstairs and the other 2 with gold glitter to put in Ashley’s room to accompany her other pumpkins. Easy enough, right?

 So after grabbing the glue and glitter,   we spread out some white plastic on the kitchen table so we could watch TV as we decorated the pumpkins.  Then we proceeded to brush on the glue and sprinkle on the glitter.



It  took about 10 minutes max to glitter the pumpkins.  Nice and quick, right?   Right.  Except for one minor detail…cleaning up the glitter, that in spite of the plastic I laid down was, oh, I don’t know, everywhere!!!

 After about 20 minutes (so much for a quick project!), I managed to get most of the glitter cleaned up.   I say most because I’ve given up being too OCD about getting up every speck of glitter because no matter what I do we seem to perpetually have glitter everywhere.  We find it in the living room, the bedrooms, the basement, the bathrooms….even on our cat Sparky.  He likes getting his bling on apparently.

After the glitter clean-up, I set the pumpkins on a paper plate to dry overnight.  The next morning I went to grab them to merrily display the 2 gold ones in Ashley’s room and the black ones somewhere downstairs.  As I proceeded to pick them up, glitter went everywhere again.  Now you know why I don’t get too crazy about getting every speck of glitter cleaned up!

At that point I realized they’d need a top coat of sealer on them so they didn’t keep shedding glitter everywhere.  But before I did that, I decided they needed to be cleaned up a little because the glitter was spread around the white part of the pumpkin, and that didn’t look too great in my opinion.  Check this one out and you’ll see what I mean:

 Messy pumpkin

I proceeded to diligently scrape off the stray specks of glitter on the pumpkins.  Ashley asked why I was doing that and I told her to make it look better.  She told me I was being too much of a perfectionist and that I was taking the all the fun out of it.  And you know, she’s probably right.  I think sometimes when us crafters and creative types go about creating, we can tend to let perfectionism get a hold of us.   Speaking for myself, we don’t even realize we’re doing it sometimes.  But one thing I do realize is that perfectionism can stifle creativity, and that’s definitely not a good thing.  Now, I realize if you’ve got a piece going into a gallery or museum, getting it as perfect as possible is certainly appropriate, and probably necessary.  But for us amateur crafters, we need to be on high alert not to let the perfectionism gremlins take over, or before you know it, your creative efforts and activities could dwindle down to nothing.   Worse yet, you’ll stop enjoying the process.  And isn’t that why we’re creating in the first place …because we’re supposed to enjoy it?!

 After about 30 minutes of glitter scraping (which was about 25 minutes longer than I wanted to spend!) I got most of the offending stray glitter off, but certainly not all of it.   Good enough for government work, I told myself.   I then sprayed on a coat of sealer.

Here are the sparkly pumpkins finally sitting pretty on the shelves (with some stray glitter still running amok):


gold pumpkins

I  learned a couple of lessons on this particular project…First, it was a good reminder to be on guard for the Evil Perfectionist and to not let her take over so she doesn’t sap all the fun out of the party!  Also, I forgot about the mess glitter can make and underestimated the time it would take for this “quick and easy” project.  But at least now I know for the next project to allow a little more time.  And there will be a next time, because I’m a glutton for glitter projects!!!!

See ya next time!

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