Week 43:  A Worthwhile Endeavor?

Week 43: A Worthwhile Endeavor?

Hi all!   We spent last week taking down our Halloween decorations (boo hoo!), and after spending several hours of taking things down and packing them away in the totes,   I debated back and forth awhile on whether it was even worth it to put out Thanksgiving decorations only to take them down in a few weeks  and put out the Christmas decorations.  All this decorating stuff takes so much time and energy and I got to wondering why the heck we go to all the bother.  The fact that Ashley really  LOVES the holidays and all the decorations is definitely a big motivator, but aside from that,  what really is the point? 

Part of me even feels a little bit guilty that we as a family put so much effort into decorating and that maybe we should be spending that time and effort on something more worthwhile.  But the longer I thought about it,  I decided that, yes, this decorating stuff is important and here’s why:  It’s important because not only is it about expressing your creativity – which to me is ALWAYS a good thing – it’s also about the celebration of holiday and ritual, and it’s about creating beauty and comfort in our surroundings.  And  in this world of constant distractions, it’s a steady, visual reminder to pause and take the time to hopefully honor the spirit of whatever holiday it is that we’re celebrating.  

So I did eventually decide to forge ahead with the Thanksgiving decorating with the hope that it will be a reminder to us for all that we have to be grateful for – not the least of which is each other, the roof over our head, and the glorious paintbrush of nature in the Fall.  

Even though by the time we packed away all the Halloween decorations there wasn’t much time left to do much else,  we did manage to finish the entry way in Week 43…and for that I am grateful!

Fall Entryway

See ya next time!


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