Week 46:  The Writing’s on the Wall

Week 46: The Writing’s on the Wall

Hi all!   I hope everyone had a nice Turkey Day!    Don’t know about you, but we succeeded in stuffing ourselves to the max this Thanksgiving, and to make totally sure we didn’t forget to eat anything, I wrote our Thanksgiving day menu on our new pantry chalkboards:pantry chalkboards w label

I am SUPER excited about these chalkboards!!!!   I plan to use the one on the right to list our weekly meal plan and the one on the left for listing out the leftovers we have in our fridge (so we don’t forget about them like we normally do and then have a penicillin growing lab on our hands)!

Ashley said she plans to use them to right down things she wants us to buy from the grocery store after she peruses the pantry and decides we don’t have any good snacks on hand!   So these are a good thing for us all!

When I decided I wanted chalkboards for our pantry doors, I initially priced out ordering custom boards online so that we could get ones that were 36” long, but after that estimate came back at a whopping $260, we got busy making some ourselves that were a little shorter (26″) but a LOT cheaper.  So this was our Week 46 Sub52 project!!!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take step by step photos of how we made these, but it wasn’t super difficult so just take a look at the steps below and hopefully you’ll get the gist of what we did.   If you have any questions on how we made these, feel free to post a question and I’ll reply back with an answer.  So without further ado, here’s what we did…

gather these supplies

Chalkboard Supplies
1)  Two Wood Frames (we used 18-26″ frames from Amazon)
2)  Two 2′ x 4′ chalkboard sheets (from Home Depot)

3) Paint (if you need to paint your frames).  We used Eggshell finish for ours.

4) Wood Glue

5) Command Velcro Mounting Strips

steps to make

  1. First, we ordered two really economical 18″ x 26″ frames from Amazon (see link above).
  2. After we received the frames, Tom purchased two 2′ x 4′ sheets of chalkboard from Home Depot (yup — it’s already painted for you so no messy chalk paint required)!  Then he cut the chalkboards to fit into the frames.
  3. We then painted the frames using the same paint that’s on our kitchen island (Benjamin Moore Night Horizon).  Besides getting the exact size we wanted, this was the other bonus to making our own chalkboards – we could paint the frames the exact color we wanted.
  4. After the frames dried, Tom ran some wood glue along the inner edges of the frames and placed the chalkboard in the frames.
  5. When the glue dried and the chalkboards were firmly attached to the frames, we applied the velcro tabs to the back of the frames and also on the pantry doors.  (You’ll need to measure the backs of the frames and the doors and make sure you’re placing the velcro tabs in the correct place).   After that, we simply hung up the framed chalkboards using the velcro.  And voila, our new pantry chalkboards were mounted on the doors!
    pantry chalkboards w frame

Tom did the bulk of the work on this one, so once again, he saves the day!

In addition to writing out our meal plans, leftovers, and grocery lists, we get to color on the wall.  How fun is that?!

See ya soon!

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