Week 49:  Christmas Cookies and Keeping It Real

Week 49: Christmas Cookies and Keeping It Real

Hi all, I’m actually posting this day after Christmas (yes, I’m behind on my postings, as usual).   I  hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday with family and friends.  This post on our Week 49 creative activity t will be short and SWEET, in every sense of the word, because for Week 49, we decorated Christmas cookies!!!!  Here they are:

xmas cookies

The ones on the left were done by  Ashley and I did the ones on the right.  She  put me to shame, didn’t she?!  In my defense, we were decorating these cookies at around 10pm on a school night, and needless to say, Mom was tired.   That just ended up being the only time we could squeeze them in, amongst all the holiday, work and school activities.

So now for a confession…When writing this post, I was tempted to just show Ashley’s cookies since mine aren’t that impressive, but then I changed my mind and decided I’d show mine as well because I’m trying to keep things real on this post.    Sometimes the creative process, and life in general, isn’t all that dazzling, but you gotta keep forging ahead and creating…even when it’s not that pretty.  And though  my cookies weren’t that pretty or dazzling, I do have to say they were still quite dee-lish!!!

Hope all of you out there enjoyed some yummy cookies this holiday season.

See ya next time!

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2 Responses to Week 49: Christmas Cookies and Keeping It Real

  1. Your cookie decorations look a lot like mine. The first 2 or 3 look good and then I get bored and just slather on the frosting. Yum! :)

  2. Glad I’m not alone Le’Ann! That was my thinking…why take all that time to decorate them perfectly when you’re just going to eat them right away?!
    They were definitely yummy!

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