WeeK 50:  Pretty Pine Cone Ball

WeeK 50: Pretty Pine Cone Ball

Hi all, still playing catch-up on postings over the holidays.  For Week 50, we revisited our love of using pine cones for Christmas decorating and made this pine cone ball to hang in Ashley’s window:

Pretty DIY Pine Cone Ball

With just a few supplies and about an hour or so, you can make one too!  Here’s a recap of how we did it….

Supplies Needed:  Glue Gun, Styrofoam Ball, Pine cones, Awl, Hook, and Ribbon

pine cone supplies

1) Gather all your materials and find a suitable work surface to work on.  We did our project at our kitchen table so we could watch Christmas movies as we were working, and just covered the table with brown paper.  As you can see Ashley’s  IPhone was close at hand!

2) Using your glue gun, glue your pine cones on the styrofoam ball, gluing them as close together as possible.  Make sure you leave one spot with enough space to add your hook later.

pine cone gluing 2

pine cone glueing

3) After you’ve got your ball completely covered with pine cones, poke a hole in the ball with an awl or ice pick.  You want to go about 2 or 3 inches into the ball. And so sorry about the blurry pic below.  I had a hard time holding the awl and camera at the same time!

pine cone aw

4) Then screw your hook into the ball, tie your ribbon on the hook and hang your ball !


We used the white frosted pine cones so we can leave it hanging after Christmas and all through winter.

IMG_0878 (2)

It’s hard to top Mother Nature’s creations, isn’t it?

See ya next time!

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