Week 51:  Christmas Crafts Continue!

Week 51: Christmas Crafts Continue!

Even though it’s January, I’m posting today about our Week 51 craft that we started in December, which is of course our last Christmas craft for the year.    Yes, I’m behind again on posting as usual.    (But just so you know, that’s going to be changing soon, so stay tuned…)  I offer my apologies that I’m still talking about Christmas here, although, look at it this way…it’s not such a bad thing that we keep Christmas going into the New Year, is it???  Well, maybe not the stress and spending part, but at least the spirit of giving and love, right???

Anyway, back to our Week 51 craft…I’m really excited about it because it solved a problem I’ve had for a long, long time: where the heck to display all those Christmas and holiday cards!  For years I’ve scratched my head over how to solve this problem and FINALLY when searching on Pinterest one day, I found the solution, thanks to Emily at The Wicker House!

She had the perfect solution:

Wicker House yard door


I love this idea of using red yarn for so many reasons… First is that it takes up NO space and is very inexpensive to do.  I’ve seen a lot of cute card holders over the years but the LAST thing I needed was one more thing to store.  All that’s required is a little yarn and some clothes pins and tacks!!!  The other thing I love is that I  have some ideas on how to use this for Valentine’s Day (which you’ll see in a few weeks), and as you may have noticed before, I always get excited about multi-purpose/multi-holiday crafts.

To make our version of the yarn card holder, Tom tacked 3 rows of the red yarn to our powder room door, which is in the entry way of our house.  This means you see the cards right as you walk in the front door, and I just love that!!!  Then, to hang the cards, Ashley and I happened upon some really cute decorated clothes pins in the dollar section at Target, so we used those to hang up the first batch of cards we received.   Unfortunately, I neglected to buy enough, so we decided to just make some more ourselves.  We’re big fans of clothes pin crafts around here, so this little project was right up our alley!

It was super easy!  Here’s what we did:

 Supplies Needed:  Clothes Pins, Modge Podge Matte Glue, Foam Brush, Scrapbook Paper, Tacks, Scissors or Cutting Board


 First, Ashley selected some scrapbook paper from the DCWV Christmas Stack – Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas  series:


Next, I measured a clothes pin:


Then I got busy cutting them out on my cutting board.  (If you don’t have a cutting board, scissors would work just fine too.  I suggest you make a template and then just cut around your template).

Cut 1

Cut 2

We had a bag of 40 pins and I calculated that we’d need 10 strips of paper to cover them.  Ashley picked out five patterns that she liked and so I cut 2 strips out of each sheet.


Then we set out all our supplies at the kitchen table and got busy (I covered the table with a plastic table cloth first).

getting ready

Brush the Modge Podge on the clothes pin first:

glue brush on.

Then just lay the paper down evenly on top of the glue and top it off with the Modge Podge:

top coat

When you finish Modge-Podging you will have some very cute, decorative clothes pins:

Pins close

And then you can attach all your cards to the yarn:


Like I said, I love that all our holiday cards  are smack dab in the middle of our entry way.  It’s nice to see all the smiling faces of our family and friends every time we pass by!

And even though the Christmas decorations are all packed away, I’m leaving up the cards for several more weeks!!!

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