Week 52:  Joy Rising

Week 52: Joy Rising

Hey friends, I think we have cause for celebration!!!  We have made it to our 52nd post of the year!!!  It’s hard to believe we’ve been at this for a year now.  It’s been a lot of fun, and boy oh boy have I learned a lot.    Next post I’ll do some reflecting about the year, but until then, let’s cut right to the chase and talk about our Week 52 creation, because, as usual, I’m running late getting the post done!!!

This week’s project makes me so happy for a bunch of reasons, not the least of which is that the theme is JOY!   But a little back-story first….It’s been a personal goal of mine to have a gratitude journal for a long, long time.  In fact, I’ve even started a couple over the years.  Unfortunately, I never stick with them.   They eventually end up getting stuck away on a shelf or slowly socked away under piles of magazines.  I think I’d pretty much given up on the whole gratitude journal thing and just figured I’d have to come to grips with the fact that I’m not a journal person.  But lately, at the start of this new year, I have been seeing these lovely little things popping up on Pinterest and online:





Gratitude Jars!    For any of you that aren’t familiar with Gratitude Jars, the way they work is you jot down on a little card or piece of paper something you’re grateful for, put the card in a jar, and then at Thanksgiving or  end of the year, you take out all the cards and read them.  When I starting seeing all the cute versions of these online, I knew I had finally discovered the solution for this whole gratitude journaling thing, and alas, our Week 52 inspiration was born!!!   I set about making our own but with a slightly different twist — we would make a  Joy Jar instead and not only write down things that we were grateful for but also things that made us happy along with events we really enjoyed.

First though, I needed to figure out where this jar would reside so it wasn’t overlooked. I didn’t want the whole out of site out of mind phenomenon to occur again, like it had so many times before with my gratitude journals.    I decided I’d keep it in the one place we spend all our time — the kitchen!!!  I also had 2 other things in mind for this project…I wanted it to look nice since it would be prominently displayed, and I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money on it.  So here’s what we did and how we did it…

Supplies We Used:   Jar / raffia ribbon / scrapbook paper / burlap / pens / double-sided permanent tape /
scissors (or cutting board) / photo or paper trimmer / hole puncher / “Joy” label (made mine on the computer) / and last but not least, a container for the cards and pens (I ended up upcycling one I had on hand – see below)

First I decided to up-cycle this little guy that I had been saving for a long, long time and didn’t know why.  Little did I know that it would serve the perfect role of holding the cards and pens to jot down the joys:

I painted over the angel because I originally intended to either stamp or modge-podge some inspirational words onto the sides of the basket.  (The words didn’t quite work out as planned and so I had to ditch that plan temporarily.)  To revamp the sides, I first painted a base coat with some existing wall paint we had on hand:IMG_0981

Then I selected a couple of other craft paints we had on hand, mixed them together, and diluted them with some Liquitex Glazing Medium:IMG_0980



And then I brushed on that paint in a haphazard way and blotted it with a paper towel for a distressed look:IMG_0988


Next it was time to make the Joy Jar! I purchased this pretty glass jar from Home Goods for a whopping $9.99:Jar

And then it was time to create the label for the jar.  First I selected some papers that I liked from an existing book that I had on hand (“Lost and Found Two”, from My Mind’s Eye).  I picked papers that would go well  in our kitchen since that’s where the Joy Jar would reside:
paper selection

Then using our paper cutter, I cut several strips to measure 6″ x 3″:
cutting paper

I folded the papers in half to make cards and put them in the basket (after it had dried!!!) with 3 Sharpie pens (gold, silver and black).  I was pretty darn happy at this point just looking at how pretty the cards looked in the basket:
basket close

Now it was time to make the Joy Jar label.  First I made a “Joy” word on my computer in Power Point:

I cut out the Joy Label (Height:1- 1/2″ and Width: 2″), a Gold Oval from scrapbook paper  (Height:2- 1/2″ and Width:3″), a Burlap Rectangle (2- 5/8″ and Width:3-1/8″) and the Background Rectangle from scrapbook paper (Height:3″ and Width: 3-1/2″).    Then I began assembling the tag: Using the double sided tape (or you could use Hot Glue too!), I applied the Joy Label to the Gold Oval, then applied those to the Burlap Rectangle,  and finally applied those to the Background Rectangle.

Next, I turned over the assembled label and measured where to punch two holes (about 1/4″ inch from the top and 1/4″ away from the center of the rectangle:
Punches Holes

After I punched the holes, I fed the raffia ribbon through from the front side (which was facing down):

Then I fed the raffia through the other hole  and tied the label on the jar!:

The Joy Jar and basket was all ready to go.  Can you feel the Joy Rising?
completed set

I’ve started filling out some cards already.  Hopefully Tom and Ashley will follow suit soon and by the end of the year it will be filled with lots of great 2014 memories and things that make us happy.joy close

We’ll see you soon with a recap of our first (yes, there’s going to be a second!!!) year of Suburbativity52 !


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