Washi Tape and Clothespins: A Match Made in Heaven

Washi Tape and Clothespins: A Match Made in Heaven

Hey friends, I guess I’ve been under a rock, because I just recently discovered using washi tape to cover clothespins!!!  I really love clothespins crafts, as you can see from these previous ones we’ve done:

Valentine's Wreath

Valentine’s Wreath

4th of July Wreath

4th of July Wreath

Christmas Card Holder

Christmas Card Holder

When I’ve done clothespins crafts in the past, I’ve always Modge-Podged scrapbook paper on them.  It never dawned on me to just use washi tape!!!  That is WAY easier.   Where have I been…washi tape clothespins are all over the web!!!  I have a lot more scrapbook paper than I do washi tape at this point, so I guess I should cut myself a little bit of slack.  I gotta tell ya, I am in love with the washi tape though.

I’m also loving this week’s craft because it dawned on me that I could use the clothespins and red yarn that we used for our Christmas card holder  for a Valentine’s craft!!!  Woohoo, always love it when I get double duty out of something!

This idea started after Ashley and I found some foam hearts and washi tape in the $1 section at Target.   (That section at Target rocks, doesn’t it?!):

IMG_1047 IMG_1049 washi

When I saw the hearts in the store, I thought it would be fun to hang them from the red yard we used to hang our Christmas cards.   (The red yarn and all our Christmas cards were still hanging on the door in our entry way because I wanted to leave them up as long as possible.)  So after we brought our Target $1 purchases home,  the first thing I did was applied the smaller foam hearts to the larger plain hearts. (Sorry, forgot to take a photo of doing that!)

Then I decided to apply the Valetine’s washi tape to the other side of the  clothespins that we had made for Christmas.   Reversible clothespins….Sweet!!!!

It was pretty easy to tape on the washi tape.   Here’s how we did it…

Roll out your washi tape and lay the clothespin on it:


Cut the tape:


Trim the excess tape on the edges:


Fold over the tape to the sides:


I’ve seen other people that use an exacto knife to trim the tape on the metal piece of the clothespin, but I think it looks just fine without doing that:


After we covered the clothespins,  I pinned the hearts to the red yarn on the door:


Fun, right?  I do seriously think washi tape and clothespins are a match made in heaven!

I have some other things up my sleeve for the hearts and clothespins, so stay tuned….

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