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I Heart this Pillow

I Heart this Pillow

Hey all, I know Valentine’s Day was last week but I’m still feeling the love.  All because of this:

heart pillow w frame V2

I am lovin’ it because it was super easy to make.  I used a 16″ square pillow form that I had on hand and then made a white envelope pillow cover for it (I didn’t have a lot of time for this project,  and to me, this is the easiest and quickest type of pillow cover to make).   I then topped it off with some red and pink pom-poms that I hot-glued onto the cover.  Couldn’t get much easier.  (Well, I guess it could have had I bought it instead, but it was a heck of a lot more fun to make it!)    Here’s the step-by-step…


Supplies Used:  16″ square pillow form / white cotton fabric (cut 16″ x 36″) / heart shape printed from computer /
red & pink pom-poms / scissors / glue gun / sewing machine

1)  Measure and cut your fabric into a 16″ x 36″ rectangle.  (I snagged some white cotton fabric from AC Moore for $3.95!):



If your pillow is a different size, don’t fret! Here are some handy-dandy measurements for different sizes:

Formula:   Width – same as pillow size; Length – multiply actual length by 2  and add 4″ (for seam allowance and overlap)
16″  pillow: Cut fabric 16″ x 36″
17″ pillow: Cut fabric 17″ x 38″
18″ pillow: Cut fabric 18″ x 40″

2)  On one short side of the fabric, with the good / printed / right side  of the fabric facing down, turn over the fabric 1/2″ and iron it.  Then  turn it over again another 1/2″ and iron,  pin, and sew it.  Let’s call this the “finished” side:


3)  On the other short side of the fabric, with the good / printed / right side facing down, turn the fabric over 1/2″, iron it, and sew it.  You only have to turn it over one time as this side will be overlapped by your finished side (that you did in step 2).

4) Lay your fabric out as shown below (good / printed side facing down) and fold over the “finished side” that you ironed and sewed in step 2:

5) Then fold over the other side (sewn in step 3) so that it overlaps the other side by about 3 inches.  You want to make sure the fabric is folded so it’s the same size as your pillow.  Pin the top and bottom edges and sew them closed with a 1/2″ seam:

  6) Cut a short diagonal on each corner.  (Be careful not to cut any stitching though!)  This reduces some of the fabric bulk so you’ll have nice edges on your pillow:

7) If you have point turner on hand, poke that little guy into each corner.  You can also use a pin with a pointed cap.   This will give you nice pointed corners when your turn your fabric right side out:

8) Now it’s time to glue on the pom-poms.   You can eyeball it and just glue on your pom-poms free hand.  Or you can take it a little further like I did and find a heart shape online.  I  just printed one on my computer, cut it out and then put some tape on the back of it so I could tape it to the pillow cover to use as a guide:

9) After putting on the tape on the back of the heart, turn your pillow cover right side out, and center the heart on the front of your cover:

10) Glue on your first pom-pom as shown here:

11) And then glue on your other pom-poms working your way around the heart, alternating colors.  Don’t get too carried away and use too much hot glue or the glue will spread out beyond the pom-pom when you press it down.  Better to go a little lighter first and add more if you need it.  Also be careful you don’t glue the pom-pom to your heart guide!:

12) Remove your printed heart guide.  If you plan on using it again, be gentle, or else you might tear it like I did:

13) Then stuff your pillow form in your case:

14) Last but not least, place your pillow on your sofa, chair or bed.  Or give it to your sweetheart. I’m sure they will LOVE it:

I put the pillow I made on Ashley’s bed.  It was a Valentine’s gift, although she got it after Valentine’s Day was over.  Hey, better late than never, right?!

Don’t worry, she was already plenty Valentiney because she had her Valentine’s themed photo collage on her wall:

And she already made this mason jar votive holder several weeks ago:

So there you have it friends.  Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and enjoyed our easy pom-pom heart pillow.  It was so quick and easy that I’m already dreaming up some variations to make for Easter and who knows what else!

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