Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air

Hey friends, now that we’re a few days into February, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and that means Valentine’s decorations!  I was off to a pretty good start last week after I hung the hearts on our door with the washi tape clothespins,  but our mantel was still in need of some Cupid touches.  So we switched our Winter mantel to a Valentine’s theme by just swapping out a few things and adding some red and pink touches here and there:

Winter mantel…
Winter Mantel w Frame

…now all ready for Valentine’s!:
Valentines Mantel w Wreath w Frame


Notice the white twinkle lights stayed because I LOVE them so!!!

After I finished the mantel, I decided the mirror could use a wreath and that it needed to be something I could use over and over.  I’m really trying to come up with things that work for multiple occasions because our basement is seriously overflowing with decorations and craft supplies.    If the folks on A&E decide to do a special episode on Craft Hoarders we might just be making a special appearance.

So with a little big of Jute ribbon and some NO-SEW fabric flowers that Ashley and I made, an interchangeable wreath was born!:


The Jute ribbon and flowers are simply pinned on, so my plan is to swap out the flowers or pin on other decorations with the season or occasion.  And theoretically, since the Jute ribbon is only pinned on as well, I can remove that too and recover it with different ribbon to change the look up even more.  But knowing me, that Jute will probably be sticking around!

Here’s how we made our interchangeable wreath and the fabric flowers:


Supplies Used:  15″ styrofoam wreath form / Jute ribbon (5 rolls total, 1-1/2 in. x 3 yds. each) /
pins / fabric flowers  (directions below)

1) First, I unrolled the Jute ribbon and pinned the edge to the back of the wreath.  Then, I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath, overlapping the edges, and pinned occasionally in the back:

2) When the wreath was completely covered, I folded the last bit of ribbon in half to make the pattern consistent, and then secured it with a couple more pins.

Then it was time to make the fabric flowers!  These are really easy to make and the cool thing is you can make them with leftover fabric scraps if you have any on hand — I ended up using some scraps and also bought some fabric squares from AC Moore.


Supplies Used:  fabric (cut into 1″ strips) / glue gun / scissors or rotary cutter

I have to thank the ladies at Pretty Prudent  for the fabric flowers idea . Here’s what I did to make ours…

1) I cut some 1” fabric strips using my rotary cutter:

2) Then I started with one fabric strip, folded it in half, and hot-glue the end,:

3) Then I rolled the fabric a few times to make a nice, tight center:

4) After that, I continued to wrap the fabric around itself, twisting and wrapping several times.    You should also hot glue it occasionally as well.  Here’s my flower after my first strip of fabric:

5) Because I wanted a bigger flower, I took another fabric strip, folded it in half,  glued the end to the flower, and then continued wrapping as I did in step 4 above.  You would continue doing this with additional strips of fabric until you got the size you want.

When I got to the end of my 2nd strip of fabric, I left a little bit of fabric as a tail and then folded it over onto the back and hot-glued it down:

6) And here’s the completed flower:

We then made several more flowers in different fabrics and sizes and pinned them to the wreath:

Even though you can see the pins from an angle up close, you don’t see them once the wreath is hanging:

So there you have it, an interchangeable wreath to use for any occasion!  I’m sure it will be making many repeat performances!

Valentine Jute Wreath w Frame

I told you love was in the air!

See ya next time friends!

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