Wall Heart Photo Collage – 4 Ways!

Wall Heart Photo Collage – 4 Ways!

From March 28, 2014:

Ok, I know recently in several of my posts, I keep mentioning all the snow we’ve gotten this winter and I’m sure all you folks are as tired reading about it as I am writing about it. But would you believe that just 5 days ago — on MARCH 25th no less — we got MORE snow???!!!  Isn’t there a law somewhere about not getting any more snow after the official start of Spring??? It’s just not right.  Ok, I’m done whining…promise!!!

So in our attempt to speed Spring along, Ashley and I swapped out the Valentine’s  photos in her heart wall collage with some fun Spring photos:
Lg Spring

Doesn’t it give you Spring Fever??? I know it does for me! For directions on how we did this…just click here.

This Spring photo collage is the 4th one we’ve done on Ashley’s wall.  Here they all are:

It’s amazing how much it changes up the room when we swap out the photos. And it’s the easiest thing to do!

We’re starting some Easter projects for next week’s post, so be sure to hop back over here for those. Sorry, couldn’t resist….

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