Suburbativity52 is now Creativity52 !!!

Suburbativity52 is now Creativity52 !!!

Hey everyone…I’m happy to announce that we are changing the name of our blog.  Suburbativity52 is now Creativity52!

Why the change?  Well, Suburbativity was really fun to say, but sort of hard to spell.    Also, we didn’t want folks to think the blog was just about living in the suburbs.  It’s really meant to be a lot more than that…it’s about how to add more creativity into our busy lives as much as possible.

Our personal goal is doing something creative every week at a minimum.  And by creative, we mean lots of different things.  It’s not just about crafting, DIYing, and creating art — although we certainly love doing all of that.  But it’s also about thinking more creatively, finding ways to be more authentic and more spontaneous, or about solving problems.  Like creatively finding ways to spend more quality time together as a family.  Or, doing the laundry in less time.  Hey, I know that may sound trivial to some of you, but in my book, the less time spent doing laundry, the more time spent enjoying the fun things in life!

I really did like the name Suburbativity, and I still catch myself using it with Tom and Ashley: “Hey guys, time to work on our Suburbativity52 – um, I mean Creativity52, project!”    Suburbativity will always have a special place in my heart since it was how this blog started…but it’s always good to change and evolve, right?

We have also switched from Word Press.Com to Word Press.Org.  I guess that means we’re playing with the blogger grown-ups now.  Ohhhh, kinda scary.

I hope you like the new blog banner and logo as well.  The logo was designed by none other than yours truly (so, be kind)!  Needless to say, that’s where all my creative time has gone the last couple of weeks.

Note w Logo w orange border

A big shout out to Shannon at   — she’s the one that did the blog design and set up everything for me on WP.Org.   Shannon ROCKS !!!  Thank goodness as well for – as they moved all my files over for me from WP.Com.    I thought about doing it myself for about like one second.    Knowing my tendency to lose things, the last thing I needed was to lose all my blog files!!!

I’m so glad there are folks out there like Shannon and WP Beginner that know what they’re doing!  This blog stuff can be difficult for newbies like me.

I also need to give a HUGE thank you to  Tom for putting up with me being barricaded in my office for hours on end working on the switch and trying to figure out how to sign up for all the social media sites to get the new name out.  He is literally the most patient man I know for putting up with me.  Thank you honey!!!   And don’t get me started on the social media stuff.  UGH……that was WAY more work than I had any clue it would be.   Did you know there social media specialists that do that stuff for a living?  Now I know why!

Soon we’ll be getting back to our normal weekly creative adventures, so see ya next time!


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