Congrats to the Grads

Congrats to the Grads

Hey all! Today I’m posting up a DIY graduation card we made, well, last month. Yup, I’m still getting caught up posting our June crafts!

Anyway…we had several high school graduation gifts to give out this year, and for the most part, we gave them all gift cards. I just figured that way they could all pick out exactly what they need and want for college. Although practical, a gift card isn’t the most creative or exciting gift in the world, so I decided to get jiggy and make our own gift card holders.

Using good ol’ Power Point, I designed a card with an envelope pasted on top of it to hold the gift stash. I incorporated the grad’s former school colors (black and white in the case below), included a pic of the grad, pasted on a graduation cap and tassel, added some encouraging messages… and VOILA, we had a fun, personalized card for the grad / future college student:

I designed the card to print on an 8 1/2 x11″ sheet of white card stock paper and cut it to fit into a 5 1/2 x 8″ envelope.  And if you’d like to make one of these for a cool grad you know, read on for directions!




gather these supplies

  • color printer
  • card  & envelope templates
  • scissors
  • scrapbook or double-sided tape
  • 2 sheets of white card stock paper (8 1/2″ x 11″)
  • 1 sheet of patterned scrapbook paper to match school colors (8 1/2″ x 11″)
  • 1 sheet of shimmery scrapbook paper to complement patterned paper above (8 1/2″ x 11″)
  • scrapbook paper for graduation cap – school colors (3″ x 3″)
  • sticker to seal gift card envelope
  • round sticker/dot or button for graduation cap
  • embroidery floss/thread for graduation cap (very small amount needed)
  • super glue


get your creative on

As mentioned above, the first thing I did was design a card and envelope template (to hold the gift card) in Power Point.  You can create your own, or use the ones that I created by clicking here.

Print out your card and envelope template on white card stock paper.
Printing templates pic w frame












After printing out the templates, cut the card along the bottom edge of the border. NOTE: If you don’t want to use the black and white border that I used, and instead what to use your grad’s school colors, all you have to do is get some extra scrapbook paper that you use for the envelope, cut off my border and then paste the card to your patterned scrapbook paper. (Same thing with the graduation cap – if you don’t want to use black, then use the color of your choice.)
2 Card cutting instructionsw frame

Then cut out the envelope template.  See the blue dotted cutting lines in step 1 in the diagram below:
7A Envelope template w frame
Next, trace around the envelope template onto your patterned scrapbook paper.
3-IMG_0824 w frame

After I cut out my patterned paper and started making the envelope, I wasn’t too crazy about the plain white backing:
4-IMG_0825 w frame

So this is when I decided to add the shimmery paper to the back of the patterned paper. If you want to do the same thing, just trace the envelope template onto your shimmery scrapbook paper, cut it out, and then tape the shimmery paper to the patterned paper. (Note, I don’t have a pic of taping the shimmery paper to the patterned paper…sorry about that!  I’m sure you guys will figure it out though!)
5-IMG_0826 w frame

Next, tape your gift card inside the envelope (if you taped shimmery paper to patterned paper, you want to tape the gift card onto the shimmery paper, as this will be the inside of the envelope.)
6-IMG_0827 w frame

Now fold in the flaps of the paper to form the envelope. See the orange folding lines in step 2 of the diagram below…this is where you want to fold your paper:
7A Envelope template w frame

Next cut out the “Congrats” and “Great Things Await You” message boxes. Then cut slightly larger rectangles out of the shimmery scrapbook paper to attach the messages to.
7A-IMG_0828 w frame

Tape the messages to the envelope and seal the envelope with a sticker.  You can also just tape it closed as well (but I think a sticker is way more fun)! Then tape the envelope to the card.
7B-IMG_0839 - Copy w frame

Now you need to make your graduation cap. Cut out the top and bottom cap templates, and then trace around them onto black (or whatever color you’re using) scrapbook paper.
8-IMG_0829 w frame 9-IMG_0830 w frame

Then glue or tape the cap onto your grad’s pic.
10-IMG_0831 - Copy w frame

Now it’s time to make the tassel.   Cut of a small amount of embroidery thread/floss and tie a knot in it like so:
11-IMG_0833 w frame

Then glue the tassel onto the hat (I used Super Glue to make sure it would stick…be careful you don’t get it on your fingers!) and top it off with a button or sticker.
12-IMG_0834 w frame

To top off my tassel, I used one of these glittery circle dots that I got from AC Moore.  I think a little button would be really cute too:
13-IMG_1428 w frame

Yay!  We’re all done!  I know that seemed like a lot of steps, but it really goes pretty fast.  And just think, when you’re all finished you can give this fun personalized card to your grad:
14-Card close w block & frame

I made several of these for the grads we know and plan to keep using my template each year and just personalizing the cards for all the grads we give them to.  I hope maybe you will do the same!

See ya next time!

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