A Bird a Week

A Bird a Week

Hey all, I’ve got a new goal.  I’m going to attempt to draw and color a bird a week.  Here’s the first one:


Here’s how this came about…

When we started our family Suburbativity52 challenge and this blog at the beginning of 2013, we challenged ourselves to create once a week.  My inspiration for the challenge was based on this book by Noah Scalin:

365 journal


365: A Daily Creativity Journal: Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life!

Noah’s “365 method” is to pick a project, medium or subject and then make something related to it every day for a year.  Noah himself did this using skulls as his theme, so his book includes many of his skull creations…which are totally fun and amazing, by the way !

As much as I would have loved to make our family creative challenge a daily one, I knew that there was just no way we could do that.  Our family was just too busy.  So we settled on doing something creative (using any kind of theme) at least once a week.   That was simply a more realistic scenario for us.   So far, we’ve been able to pull that off and have really enjoyed it along the way!

But I’ve decided recently that I do need  to come up with a weekly creativity challenge of the same type of art.   I typically do all kinds of arts and crafts instead of sticking to just one medium, but lately I’ve felt a pull to stick with one thing consistently.   This doesn’t mean that we’re dropping our weekly Creativity52 projects, but in addition to that I’m going to attempt this weekly project that I do by myself.

I’ve actually thought about doing something like this on and off for years but always struggled with how to squeeze it in on a consistent basis.  There are many,  many days when I’m doing good to get the dishwasher loaded, especially when work gets crazy and the calendar is stacked full with a zillion other things.   And then there’s vacation….how the heck do you create or craft daily when you’re on vacation or on the go?!

So I thought and thought about it and eventually decided I’d try to draw and color something weekly.  I figured drawing was a good solution since it was so portable and would only require a few simple supplies.   Ok good, I had finally decided I’d draw consistently, but what the heck would I draw ???   And the answer, as you can see above, is birds.

Why birds you ask?  Well, because I love ’em.   In real life and in art.  They’re just so darn cute…even when they’re angry:


And think of all the fun birds we’ve been entertained by over the years:  Donald Duck, Tweety, Big Bird, Woody Woodpecker, and my personal favorite:

Road Runner 001328

I think you can do a lot of whacky, quirky things with bird drawings, especially owls.  Plus I think they’re pretty forgiving from an artistic perspective if you stick to cartoon-like drawings.  You don’t have to draw them perfectly for them to still turn out pretty ok.  So I figured drawing birds would be doable, portable, simple,  and most of all FUN!  All those things are requirements if  I’m actually going to pull off on a weekly basis.

I was able to do draw Birdie #1 in about 15 minutes, and all it took was my pencil, paper, and an eraser.  However, the coloring took a little longer… a few days or so.  But I’m using Prismacolor colored pencils so the supplies are really minimal.   I can squeeze all these into my purse and then whenever I have a few spare minutes, hopefully a fun, little creature will come to life:



And instead of carrying around an art journal (the last thing I need is one more thing to cart around!), I’m using plain paper that I added to my  junior-size ARC notebook that I got from Staples:

And hey, on day #2, I got a little crazy and even drew 3 birds, not one!:


Van Gogh I’m not, but I’m really excited my bird a week challenge and all the different birds that will soon come to life.  Plus, I’m looking forward to “sharpening” my drawing skills and colored pencil techniques.

I may switch to a different subject matter after about a month or so, but in the meantime, it’s time to take flight with the birds!!!

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