Doodling is Good for You

Doodling is Good for You

Hey all, yep…in my humble opinion, I really do believe doodling is good for you.   Or maybe I should rephrase that…doodling is good for me.  And I think it’s good for Ashley too.  I have really good evidence of that because  last night, I noticed Ashley being very focused and relaxed while watching TV.

Now, many of you might be saying, “What’s the big deal about that?  Aren’t most people relaxed while they watch TV?”  And to that I reply yes, they certainly are.   However, Ashley has been a bundle of nerves the last couple of weeks because her high school volleyball tryouts are this coming week.   I hadn’t seen her that relaxed in several days, and when I stopped what I was doing to figure out WHY she was so relaxed, sure enough….it’s because she had been doodling these:

I always knew that doodling has helped me relax and focus, and now I had first-hand evidence that it seems to have the same effect on Ashley!

I’ve  encouraged Ashley to draw/color/paint since she was a young toddler, but it just never really dawned on me until last night, that as she gets older, I should really encourage her to keep doodling since it’s a great form of meditation and relaxation.   And as she starts her Freshman year of high school in about a month (and hopefully makes the volleyball team!), with her packed and potentially stressful schedule, I have a feeling that relaxation and focusing will be a pretty good thing to nail down!

There’s more and more evidence coming out about the benefits of doodling. In her Psychology Today article,   Cathy Malchiodi discusses several doodling benefits  — memory retention, mindfulness, self control, mood improvement, and stress reduction.

Author Sunni Brown, in her book The Doodle Revolution: Unlock the Power to Think Differently, points out that Einstein, JFK, Edison, Marie Curie, and Henry Ford were all doodlers and that doodling helps people think better.   Heck, I sure wish I had known after all this time that all I had to do was ratchet up my doodling and I could have been the next Einstein!   All kidding aside, if doodling does help you think better, I’m all for that!!!  Check out Sunni’s Ted Talk to learn more about the benefits of doodling.

So while it seems we have a lot to gain from doodling, the thing I enjoy the most about it is it’s just plain fun.  And I also love the aspect that it adds to my art.

I’ve really enjoyed this book on doodling by Stephanie Corfee and have gotten a lot of great ideas and doodling techniques from it:
Creative Doodling and Beyond

So what do you say, are you going to become a doodler too?   We could always use more Einsteins in the world!



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