Spruced up Notebooks

Spruced up Notebooks

Hey all! As much as we’d like to deny that school will be starting soon, and have put it off as long as possible, this last week we took the plunge and went school supply shopping, well…as best we could.  Unlike elementary and middle school where they give you a nice list of things you’re supposed to buy, they don’t quite do that for high school, as we’ve now learned.  Apparently, Ashley won’t find out until orientation what supplies she needs.    Since the classes in high school start getting more and more specialized, each teacher has a different set of supply requirements.

But  Ashley didn’t want to wait that long because the last couple of years she’s all about decorating her supplies.  She  figured it was a pretty safe bet she’d need a few notebooks so we took a gamble and bought a few.  We figured if she didn’t use them for school, she could use them for something else.    She decided she just wanted some plain black and white notebooks and then she spruced ’em up Ashley-stylee:



On the black notebook, she simply printed off some photos she liked and pasted them on with good old Modge Podge.   And for the white notebook, she doodled on a design with a black Sharpie marker.  See how handy doodling is???  Read more about my thoughts on doodling from last week.

So with just a few simple things, she’s got some cool notebooks that I guarantee won’t look like anyone elses!   Might as well start off high school creatively, right???

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