Hey y’all. Remember my Quicky Bird a Day challenge that I posted about a couple weeks back?  Well, I’ve been plugging away at it, but I’ve discovered that while I’ve been able to sketch a bird each day, I haven’t quite been able to color them in each day.  Some days are just too crazy for me to get it all done.  So each day I at least try to sketch something at a minimum,  and then I go back later and color them in as I’m able.

Here are a couple of my sketches that aren’t colored in yet:


And here are some that are colored:

Colored Bird


I’ve been using these bird a day drawings as sort of a daily journal too.  Sometimes I try to sketch something about the day, or sometimes it’s just something I’m feeling.  July 30th was a obviously a day when Ashley and I couldn’t seem to agree on anything.

I wish I had enough time each day to fully color the drawings, but hey, some days you can only do so much, right?   I try not to beat myself up too much about it and am just glad I keep making tiny movements each day.

I also seem to have gained a big fan that likes to help me out while I’m drawing:

Sparky Helping


On second thought, I don’t think he necessarily loves the drawings that much… I’m pretty sure it’s just that he likes sitting on the birds.

See ya next time!

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