To Haiku or Not to Haiku

To Haiku or Not to Haiku

Hey friends, life’s been really busy lately so like my Bird a Day project, I’ve been trying to come up with other ways to squeeze in quick and easy creative projects into my day or week.

I’ve been dabbling in poetry lately.  Nothing fancy, just short little poems that I write when I think of a topic or experience a feeling or thought I’m trying to deal with.  Poetry seems to be working for me because I like the challenge of creating rhymes and patterns.  I know I’ll never be a novelist because I just don’t think I have the patience to write chapters and chapters of well developed, descriptive plots.  Poetry on the other hand can be done in small doses….right up my alley!  If I get brave enough, I’ll post some of my poems soon.

In the meantime though, I do have something else to share… I decided this week I take a stab at a Haiku.   Haikus are to me about the shortest poem you can write – only 17 syllables in all.

So, without further ado, here’s my first Haiku:

Obviously not a serious Haiku but that was the point.  I really just needed to do something short and silly.  If you google “funny Haikus” you will find a plethora of hilarious Haikus out there.   So, if you’re not ready to start writing Haikus, how about just googling some for a quick and creative break?

See ya next time!


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