Reelin’ in Homecoming

Reelin’ in Homecoming

Hi all! I know, I know…I’ve been a stranger and it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted. I’ve got 1 word for you on why that is…HOMECOMING.

Every year, Ashley’s high school has a parade for homecoming and the volleyball team always does a float in the parade.  The amazingly creative woman that always coordinates the float for the  team has moved on since her daughter has now graduated, and guess who volunteered to coordinate the float this year? Yup, you got! I also signed up Tom as well because I knew I’d never be able to pull it off without him. Good thing I did because he did all the hard stuff (as always).

For the float theme, we decided to do a Red Carpet theme to go along with the school’s Academy Awards homecoming theme.
Edited Post ParadeThe volleyball team has won best float the last 3 years so we had a really big act to follow (pardon the pun)!   I’m happy to report that the winning tradition continues!
Edited Trophy


Unfortunately we were so busy making the float that I didn’t get a ton of pics, but here are a few of my favorite things that we incorporated into the float…

When we decided to do the Red Carpet theme, I asked Tom if he could make an old fashioned movie theater sign.  Since the man can make anything, naturally his reply was, “Of course!”  He made the sign from ply wood and it was a work of art!!!  I’m just sad I didn’t get more pics of it.
Sign edited
We bought the peel and stick Hollywood stars online and had each of the players write their name and number on them.

I found some real film reels on Ebay and snatched em up for $20.  We painted the slogan on black poster board using silver paint.  We traced the letters onto the poster board using our projector.
Float Sign - Copy


We made spotlights by painting over some “bobble heads” that were used on the float in a previous year.


This was one of the bobble heads I mentioned above.  We couldn’t bear to paint over him.  Can you believe these were made from $1 tubes and plastic plant trays from the dollar store???  (Now you know why I said at the beginning of the post that the prior float creative director was AMAZING!)  I figured we could use him in a future float.  Meanwhile, he sits on top of the fridge in our garage.


You can’t see them very well in the below pic, but we made large popcorn boxes out of presentation boards ($1 each from the dollar store).  The boards were already white, so all we had to do was paint red stripes on them, which the players did one Saturday.  The popcorn is foam cut into large, random pieces.


The red  carpet in the middle of the float was only $6.99  from Party City and we rented the velvet ropes and stanchions from our neighbor that has a party business.  As luck would have it, I already had  director’s chairs that I purchased from Pier One several years ago.    They really come in handy for lots of things… extra seating at parties, or you know, seats for Daisy from Gatsby, Dorothy from Oz, Alice from Wonderland, and Darla from Nemo to sit on during the homecoming parade!   (Unfortunately, they’re a little camera shy so they’re not in the pic!)
Edited Donna Float

We had a TON of fun helping the team with the float!  We also learned a few things along the way….

  • Estimate the time you think it will take to decorate your float and then multiply that by 3!!!
  • Definitely get as many people as possible involved in making the float  — it’s a lot of fun work, but you will need help.
  • If you’ll have helpers,  make sure you figure out ahead of time what everyone will do so you make good use of everyone’s time.  When you get together to work,  set up stations so different people can work on different things.
  • Make sure you allow for adverse weather conditions, both before, during and after the event.  We didn’t count on having so much rain the week before and we were literally racing to get the painting done in between rain showers!!! (So if you can swing it, find a place indoors that you can work on your float as a back-up plan…just in case)!
  • On the day of the event, make sure you’ve prepacked and bring along supplies for last minute repairs or fix-ups (or in our case, to actually finish making the float)!  These things are a MUST to bring:  duct tape, clear packing tape, zip ties and a SENSE OF HUMOR!!!
  • Take lots of pictures – you’ll be so busy during the event that it will fly by.
  • HAVE FUN!!!

We certainly had fun and are already dreaming up ideas for next year!

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