Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun

Hey there folks!!!  It’s the first day of November and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.   I however am still reveling in all the Halloween fun we had last week and yesterday!!  It’s by far my favorite holiday.   How often do we get to dress up in crazy costumes, be silly, and eat candy without guilt???!!!

We started decorating the house a couple weeks ago for Halloween.  At first, I wasn’t super motivated to haul out the upteen totes of Halloween decorations that we have, and I told myself that we’d have more subdued Halloween this year since we’ve all been busy and were coming off all of Ashley’s homecoming festivities.   Even though we had a ball working on Ashley’s high school homecoming float for the volleyball team, we were all pretty tuckered out from that!

So I brought up the first tote from the basement and slowly began putting out the decorations.     The first tote was the one with the hallway decorations and when I opened it I was excited to find the white “Boo” pumpkins that we made last year.

That was pretty much all it took for me to totally get into the mood, not to mention that Ashley was totally into it.

We put some decorations in the kitchen window and that helped my “Halloween spirit” too.

We did the powder room bathroom next and then I found the cute little pillow that I got from Pier One last year and I put that in the family room chair.

Last but not least was the mantel.  It turned out pretty festive.

IMG_1621 IMG_1623

I added some decorations to my interchangeable wreath and was pretty excited how it turned out.

So much for just putting out a few decorations, right???    Trust me though, there were still a lot of decorations that remained in the totes.    We’re just big Halloween fans, what can I say?


Costume Time!!!

And then it was time to work on Ashley’s costume.  I’m so happy she still likes to dress up for Halloween!

She saw some cute costume ideas in PacSun’s Halloween Look Book, one of which was a scarecrow and so she decided to go with that.  I think it turned out really cute, and the best part is, her costume was made of items she either already had or things we bought that she can use again…definitely a first for us!!!

Ashley w frame
Combat boots:  PacSun;  Overall shorts:  H&M; Flannel Shirt:  Hollister, Bandana:  AC Moore; Straw Hat:  PacSun

She did a great job with her makeup:
Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

And then it was time to carve pumpkins!!!

Here are Ashley’s.  From the looks of her pumpkins, I’m thinking she thought it was still August instead of October.

Here are mine and Tom’s.  Can you guess who did which one?

I did the Frankenstein and Tom did the cat!!    Most people guess the other way around, but hey, we’re probably not a normal couple.

Next year I’ll have to post some pics of our outside decorations.  That’s a whole other dimension in and of itself, especially since Tom bought a new fog machine.   :-)

Well, I hope everyone had a Spooktacular Halloween!!!  (I know, I know, but I couldn’t resist!)

See ya next time.

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