Thanksgiving Repeat

Thanksgiving Repeat

Hi friends!!! This weekend we put out our Thanksgiving decorations and as usual I decorated our mantel.
Mantel full shot w frame

In the process of decorating, I had a happy discovery…. having a blog can be very handy for remembering how I decorated for past holidays. All I had to do was look back at this post from last year!  Looking at previous posts and photos saved me a whole lot of time because I didn’t have to try to remember how the heck I decorated last year and my normal “Oh no, I think I had this here and that there” routine.

So for our Thanksgiving mantel this year, for the most part all I did was follow what I did last year.  Except for one really cool addition…this year I added lights!!!   I’ve pretty much decided I like lights on the mantel regardless of the holiday!!!

Mantel left

mantel right


Guess I just have a love of lights.  I’ve have these lights on our artificial ficus tree in the dining room and turn them on just about every night, no matter the season or occasion.

ficus edited w frame

The way I figure, we could all use a little more sparkle and light in our lives, right?!?!



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